Plans for new Lompoc medical center move forward

right after some setbacks a new health care facility is on its way to being constructed in the city of Lompoc KSBY news reporter dustin cleamen joins us live with why it will be welcomed by residents Dustin oh good evening Richard the city and the community health centers found a cure for that disagreement financially and we’ll tell you what that entails plus why citizens are actually happy they came to a compromise right now the only occupants are a few tires and some couches in the vacant lot along the 1200 block of West Ocean Avenue Construction is set to move forward on a new 28 thousand square foot Community Health Center and so that is a good thing for Lompoc too people keep people in town for those medical services it will include 49 exam rooms doctors offices a laboratory imaging room pharmacy and dental services helping lower-income patients and those who commute for health care CHC has has looked at this area and they have determined that there is a great need for additional medical services it’s required some negotiating with the city to approve a zone change killing the possibility of residential construction after haggling over how much CHC would pay the city both sides agreed to an annual payment of $15,000 for city services with an increase of two percent each year the deal was welcomed by the city and its residents the project is going to be very very useful here in Lompoc so i’m happy that we’re coming to some sort of consensus here I think it’s you know it’s good to partner up and I appreciate that I’d like to commend the applicant for acknowledging the concerns of the city addressing those concerns and coming back with a viable project that I believe is now a win-win for the community all around the space does allow for commercial development in the front of that area so we’ll see that plan out as it continues on it goes to a final second read which is really a formality for city council that’s going to be in November we do want to point out CD CHC is also building a new and improved WA facility out in Templeton live in the newsroom I’m Dustin Clayman KS py news all right Dustin thank you construction is expected to start sometime next

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