Plan, Prepare, and Practice: Resilient “U”

Welcome aboard University of Oregon’s Enterprise
Risk Services, where our number one priority is safety. To help us make a more Resilient
You and Resilient U, Please take a moment to watch this brief safety presentation. First,
make a plan. Know at least two evacuation routes from the spaces you regularly occupy.
Keep in mind your nearest exit may be behind you. Students and faculty should know at least
two routes from each of their classrooms or labs and staff should know routes from their
office, workspaces or buildings. Know your building’s assembly area. Professors, at
the beginning of each term, tell your students where the designated assembly area for your
class will be. Staff, do likewise with your coworkers. Students, on and off campus, know
where to meet your roommates after an evacuation. Remember, desks cannot be used as flotation
devices. Next, prepare. Students, staff and faculty should sign up for UOAlert on Duckweb.
Please sign yourself up before assisting others. Instructors and staff should print a class
or staff roster to keep on hand. In case of emergency, you will be able to account for
everyone. Student, faculty and staff should create an emergency kit, flashlight, radio,
first aid kit, whistle, dust mask, moist towelettes, pliers, and personal comfort items. This emergency
kit should fit securely in your closet so that you can access it quickly. Remember that
items may shift in transit. Finally, practice. Practice the duckcoverhold earthquake response,
as well as your evacuation routes, regularly both at home and at school. Repetition will
ensure that you’ll remember how to react in the case of a real emergency. Designate
one person to be responsible for distributing important information. Test your communication
plan. In case of emergency, comply with all instructions given by this individual. Plan,
prepare, practice. Help us build a more Resilient U.

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