Pierre D. Kory, MD, UW Health Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

>>In the ICU, in particular, there is certain
technologies that have come into the ICU, which I really think is increasing
the impact on patient care. Me, in particular, I’m an expert at what’s
called Critical Care Ultrasonography and so it’s a really indispensable
tool that we now use. It’s sort of the modern stethoscope. And I use ultrasound to gain much deeper
insight into my patients by looking at patients who are critically ill, looking at their
heart and lung function with ultrasound. And it affords me much more
information than the stethoscope, which has been around since the early 1800’s. You know, it’s a great tool
but it has its limits. And ultrasonography at the bedside has really
allowed us to push those limits a lot more and now I’m able to rely
on, in critical situations, much more information than I used to. What works best for me is trying to
learn as much as I can about the patient. I talk at length with family members
about what the patient was like, what they were doing before they got
sick, what some of their goals were, what some of their wishes that they’d expressed
of what kind of care they would want to receive, and what kind of lives they would want to lead. And so what works the best is trying
to get to know that patient as much as you can even though you can’t speak to them. It takes some skill and it takes a lot of
time but it’s time well spent and it’s time that I enjoy spending because I find it
helps me as a physician to care for them.

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