Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: Ziana’s story | Spire Healthcare

– [Ziana] I love the elation I get from
sport and how excited it makes me feel, and I wish I could play
netball all the time. I started playing netball at
the age of seven at my school when I joined in Year 3. – [Niala] And, now, incredibly at the
age of 16, she is the youngest member of the England Nets under-21 squad. – As a goal attack, I tend to have to run
a lot more and it’s important as a shooter that I can jump. And, therefore, the pressure
on my ankles is quite high. I was in a netball match last
October and I was sandwiched between two defenders and I don’t really remember what
happened, but I was suddenly on the floor and there was this immense,
sharp pain in my left ankle. – Ziana sent me a photograph
of her injury, and that immediately told me that it was a serious injury. – So, my mum booked an appointment
at Spire London East Hospital. – We chose to go to the Spire because
we have previous experience of the physiotherapy team there. I was satisfied that she would be in good
hands because I always research my consultants and I looked for somebody
who was a specialist to her injury. His manner was very kind,
very considerate, very caring but, equally as a consultant,
he did explain all the things that she would and wouldn’t be able to do
and the program that she needed to follow to ensure
she made a full recovery. – So, I had the air boot on for
four weeks, and then I immediately started doing strengthening
exercises on my ankle. – And each week that we went,
they would increase the intensity of those exercises. – The entire physiotherapy department
were all amazing. They helped me get back to where I am in
the quickest possible time but also making sure that I wasn’t going
to injure myself again. And, the sports consultant was incredibly
kind and generous with his time and made me feel that it was okay
and that I could do it. And, now that I’m recovered,
I’m really excited to be playing in South Africa this August for the World
Indoor Netball Championships representing England and England Nets,
and I hope that this will lead on to me in the future having a professional
career playing netball for England. ♪ [music] ♪

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