Physician Video Profile: Jennifer Williams, NP (Family Medicine)

My name is Jennifer Williams, and I’m a
family nurse practitioner at Southwestern Medical Clinic in
Stevensville. What attracted me to become a family nurse practitioner is
definitely taking care of the patients that are local to the area. I was born
and raised in Coloma, so to be a part of the community,
treating patients in my specialty, is important to me. Family practice is good
because we get to treat a variety of ages, from newborn all the way up to
elderly patients, and being a part of their lives through all stages of life is really important. Getting to know my patients is probably the best part of
my job. Seeing them through all stages of their life and being there for them
through good times and bad and knowing that they have me to count on is
important as a family provider. Excellent patient care is providing each patient
with the time that they deserve. Getting patients to open up is easy when you
give them time to actually share a piece of themselves and not rush them through
an appointment. I love being a family nurse practitioner because I feel that
it puts me in people’s lives when they need someone the most and giving them
the time to talk to me, not only as a provider, but as a friend during that
appointment, really helps patients to open up.

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