Physician Video Profile: Elizabeth Douce, MD (Pediatric Medicine)

Hi! I’m Liz Douce I’m a pediatrician. I am going to be practicing at Southwestern
Medical Clinic in Stevensville. I became a doctor because of really a fascination
with the human body and how we are put together. I just became fascinated with child development.I
think the best part of being a pediatrician is forming relationships with families. And, especially being able to watch a child
grow up over a course of a few years. It’s a pretty fun thing to witness. I act in my patient’s best interest mostly
by being their advocate in whatever form that may be. Helping a parent realize what is going on. In the younger years, when they can’t speak
for themselves or helping the family find resources to help with whatever situation
they are in. Some of my best moments as a pediatrician
usually come from the process of helping a child go from some sort of illness, that we’ve
discovered, and watching them heal from that and recover from that and become their normal
self. That is just the best feeling to part of that
and witness that recovery.

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