Physician Video Profile: Daniel Benson, DO (Family Medicine)

My name is Daniel Benson. I’m a DO and I’m family practice practitioner. I’m working for a Southwest Medical Clinic in Saint
Joe. I did some undergrad work at Western Michigan University before I moved on to
medical school at Michigan State where I graduated with the DO degree. Osteopathic
medicine made me further believe that the body can primarily heal itself in
most most circumstances. Yes, medicines are nice, but if there’s a way to promote
healing by allowing your body to respond to certain disease processes or you know
certain injuries I would say that’s that’s more of a philosophy of
osteopathic medicine than an allopathic medicine. Well it was evident to me
pretty pretty quickly that I would like to be in a family practice. A – because you
get to take care of the whole family you know pretty much from from birth into
the the twilight of life. You get to see families you know through the ages also
I liked there’s family medicine is very broad you’re not gonna get bogged down
in one subject forever get bored because there’s there’s always new stuff to
learn, there’s always a lot of stuff to do. My view of excellent patient care is
it’s all about the relationship I feel that it would be my job to you know
inform them of you know that recommendations or different things that
might promote their health – seeing them through through all their you know
individual crises or different illnesses you know that trust is going to be built
over a long period of time. That’s the beauty of family medicine too is you
can’t you can’t get a good relationship and just a you know treatment street

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