Physician Video Profile: Brian Facione, DO (Internal Medicine)

My name is Brian Facione, I work at Southwestern
Medical Clinic in Stevensville, and I am one of the internal medicine physicians at that
practice. One of the things that I liked about Southwestern
Medical Clinic is that the physicians at the clinic do medical missions and that’s something
that I have a particular interest in and another thing that I noticed was that the providers
that work there, seem to be very good, very professional, and that’s the kind of environment
and team I want to be a part of. Internal medicine doctors are doctors for
adults. That’s a simple way of putting it. We’re general practitioners. We cover all the basic issues or concerns
that a patient would have. What I enjoy most about my field and the care
that I get to deliver is I help patients to kind of understand their condition and what
the risk is, and how to think about things. My pursuit and prayers that I would provide
care to my patient that I would want for a friend or family member. And that provides a lot of specific implications. I’ll be very forth right and honest and
I will help them to know what’s significant and what’s not significant and ultimately
just give my patients the empowerment and education so they can kind of make their own
decisions. My care philosophy, or my definition of excellent
patient care, it would be the sense that they are listened to and that they feel cared for,
that they understand some of the steps we are taking and where I am coming from in terms
of some of my recommendations. I think what I would want my patients to remember
me for is that they were cared for and that they had really good medical care offered
that was really high quality and that they were given individualized plans that make
sense for them. So I think if my patients come away more aware
of who and what their conditions are, what they can do, and how to see it, and they feel
that that was done in a positive way, that was clearly communicated and offered timely
and appropriately through me, that would probably be the most important thing.

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