Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Issues | San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi, my name is Travis Hunsaker, I’m a physical therapist here at
San Joaquin Valley Rehab Hospital. I’m here to talk about orthopedics, and common things seen in an orthopedic clinic. Most commonly, we typically see joint, soft
tissue, muscular injuries or dysfunctions, post-ops coming out of any type of surgical
interventions. General weakness, whether medically induced
type weakness, or just immobilization induced weakness, and balance and gait type dysfunctions. Yes, there are specialties and specialists who can further enhance in each one of those categories, but general orthopedics we’re looking at the
typical individuals we see. Now what do we do? Day one, basically we’re looking at whether
or not you are cleared for PT, or if PT is gonna work for you. So your initial day, initial evaluation, we’re trying to find impairments that we can actually fix with conservative treatment and physical
therapy interventions, just the number one thing, whether you should be there or not. Number two is to find out what those impairments
are, whether it’s specific to the region that you are there to be seen for, or if there’s any other dysfunctions below, above, proximal to that area and of course, check out those
impairments, check symmetry between those impairments on each side of the body to see if there’s differences that we can change for you to help fix and work with why you’re
coming to see us. Most commonly our treatments, you’re looking
at either an active or a passive approach, especially when it comes to pain and joint
dysfunctions. Active is more research supported, although passive treatments can be there to enhance the active approach. Passive treatments, you’re looking at ultrasound,
E-Stim, modalities, ice/heat. And then on our more active side, basically
movement based therapy. Typically we like to perform a manual and
active, or exercise, in combination to enhance or optimize your treatments.

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