Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Careers – Nemours Children’s Health System

We are always looking for
great, dedicated, compassionate therapists for both our hospital
location and all the growth we’re having in our
satellite locations. Our therapy space here at
Nemours, at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
includes an outpatient gym on the ground floor,
our sports medicine gym on the ground floor. We have a very large 23 meter
pool that we utilize every day. And we also have an
inpatient and rehabilitation gym on our second floor. We have a very large and
expansive rehabilitative service program here
at the hospital which encompasses over 200 people. The expansion of our
programs and the fact that we now have three
certified hand specialists who just do pediatrics is unique. Unique in this country. It’s the research
element that we’re able to connect with
so quickly and bring those exciting new
inventions and ideas directly to the children in a very
short period of time. It’s our connection with
universities and teaching schools, Thomas Jefferson,
University of Delaware, to connect and be collaborative
so that everyone in this region benefits from all of
the experiences here. We have so much engagement
with our physicians, which is very unique. We can walk up into clinic
and say, I need your help. I have a question. That is what makes a child’s
experience here really good, because we can, in the
moment, collaborate with so many specialists,
whether it’s social work or psychology or
physician to bring everything we’re doing
together in a way that makes it the best. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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