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– A common misconception with what makes rehab facilities different is everyone just thinks that everything is physical therapy. What sets us apart here at Middlesex is that we have the ability
to offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Physical therapists are really trained to work on things like
balance and mobility, as well as working on injuries from back pain and leg injuries. Our occupational therapists, they have the ability to bring a little bit more specialty with upper extremity injuries, so shoulder down to the hand. The speech and language pathologists would really work on everything from swallowing dysfunctions, speech problems, right to up things like
cognition and memory. – It’s a great niche of a bunch of different people of different experiences that can come together to
make it the best experience for the patient. – We don’t use kind of cookie cutter treatment approaches. We really try to focus in on what that patient needs at that particular time and let that drive what we’re gonna do for treatment. – We have young therapists who are two and three years out, who are very enthusiastic
and motivated to learn. We have therapists who
have been therapists for 25 and 30 years who have tremendous experience who are willing to
share and educate others who are still learning to this day and developing new programs. – We have an office in Marlborough, we have an office in Middletown, we have an office in Essex. We can see you as an inpatient and then follow your care into home care and outpatient areas. We even have post therapy care that if someone’s not
ready to go to a gym, they can stay with us and we can follow them
through that as well. – By looking for a therapy department like Middlesex that has as much to offer as we do in terms of experience and expertise, that you may have a
completely different outcome from your therapy that
you’ve had in the past. We are gonna treat you like we’d want to be treated and what we’d want our
family members to be treated.

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