Physical Rehab Program McKenzie Method | Middlesex Hospital

(string music) – The McKenzie Method is a
system that was developed by Robin McKenzie, a
therapist out of New Zealand. It allows the clinician
to ask certain questions to develop a pattern
of recognition of pain, especially back and neck pain. So treatment really
depends on the assessment, and this is the beauty of the system. So you’re a patient, you
come on in you see me, I ask you a series of questions. I come up with kind of a
thought of what’s going on. And then we test it. And it’s simple the way
that we test things. It almost seems too simple. But it’s all about pattern recognition. I bring you through a series
of repeated movements. While we’re doing this, I’m
educating you about your pain. We’re seeing what effect these
movements have on your pain. If it makes it better,
if it makes it worse. So it teaches the patient
what movements to avoid, what movements they need to do. Based on that, the
assessment portion of it, with the repeated movements,
those usually tend to be the exercises that
the patient has to do. And it really really empowers them. So its making them understand their pain rather than somebody
telling you about your pain. Currently I think there’s
about 40 therapists in the state of Connecticut
that are certified. Middlesex actually has
10 of those therapists, which is pretty impressive. With healthcare the way it
is, with copays going up, high deductible plans, on
average I probably see a patient about six to ten visits at most. Whereas some therapists
you are there months and months and months, you hear people go, ‘oh I had back problems in
therapy for three months.’ That’s not my goal. My goal is to get you in
and out and empower you, as a McKenzie therapist.

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