Phillip Lindsay for the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado

(upbeat piano music) – So how’d you get injured man? – I was on defense for soccer,
and this kid fell on me and my ankle was twisted. – It takes grit to be an elite athlete. – Felt a pop in my right knee. Let’s compare battle scars for a second. – Yeah, I got those. And, it takes grit to
come back from an injury. – I actually broke my foot
because I wasn’t flexible. – [Phillip] It takes grit to
play at the top of your game, stronger than you were before. I know that. These guys, they know it too. Show me what you got man. – [Momo] Let’s go.
– [Phillip] Let’s go. – Children’s Colorado
custom-tailors recovery plans to each athlete and their sport, to their individual passion and strength. So not a single ounce of
the blood, sweat, and tears you bring to your comeback goes to waste. – Show me what you got man. – You bring the grit, they’ll do the rest. – Hey, bring the grit!

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