Philip Skidd, MD, Neuro-Ophthalmologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(gentle music) – Hello, I’m Dr. Philip Skidd. I’m a neurology-trained
neuro-ophthalmologist. (gentle music) My philosophy of care is to treat a person as a person and try to understand not
only their medical problem, but also how their psychosocial stressors may be contributing to that sometimes. (gentle music) My practice really overlaps a lot of areas of medicine,
not just neurology, not just neuro-opthalmology,
and so trying to sort out to a deeper level what might be going on is what I do, and so it
often does take time. So they should expect that
we’re gonna spend a lot of time together, and some
people really appreciate that, the time that’s spent. Other people are taken aback a little bit, not expecting that the visit would be as comprehensive as it is, and so, just if they’re aware of that coming in, it really sets the
expectation on the right path. (gentle music)

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