PHHS Internship Reception 2013

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences
knows that internships are integral to students’ future success and supports relationships
and opportunities that not only benefit them but also our community, our college and those
who hire them. These committed, caring and energetic students
provide industry the opportunity to engage the future workforce and to draw on their
talents, ideas and eagerness to learn. Likewise, our students get the valuable opportunity
to grow and develop both personally and professionally. They gain skills and expertise, broaden their
professional networks, acquire leadership qualities and develop confidence.  Internships also are a place where students
can enhance, test and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. The learning that takes
place during an internship bridges the knowledge students gain through coursework and provides
the opportunity to gain new knowledge and exposure to an abundance of current practices. And because students bring back that new knowledge
to the classroom to share with peers and professors, internships have the ability to affect overall
curricula and learning for new generations of students and to build community capacity
to advance lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family and every community
in Oregon and beyond. Hi, my name is Jenna Kennedy and I am a senior
in the Athletic Training program. Over my four years at Oregon State University, I’ve
had the opportunity to complete multiple internships including working with the Pittsburg Stealers,
Oregon State football and Oregon State softball. Through these internships I’ve learned what
it takes to be an athletic trainer. My responsibilities with the Oregon State softball team include
injury evaluation, on field management and rehabilitation. This entire experience has
been so beneficial to me in my future career where I hope to become a collegiate athletic
trainer. I will be able to use the skills I’ve learned during my internships to help
student athletes. So thank you for these opportunities. Hi, my name is Vivian Nguyen and I am a Public
Health student. I was given the opportunity to intern at Albany InReach Services, which
gave me a tremendous amount of professional and interpersonal skills. This will help me
in my future career as a nurse anesthetist because I got a better understanding of the
importance of access to healthcare. And a couple of my responsibilities included coordinating
free flu vaccination clinics and I also helped to implement a diabetes program. So thank
you very much for this opportunity. Hi, my name is Travis Anderson, and I am a
student in Exercise and Sport Science currently interning with the Portland Timbers Football
Club. I am working with Dr. JoonKoon who is the director of sport science and I am kind
of his little assistant that runs all of the day-to-day operations, helping with data collection
and management. This internship has changed the course of my career because JoonKoon has
inspired me to go to grad school and eventually get my PhD so I can develop a research-based
strengthening and conditioning program for soccer players to not only allow the players
in this country to compete at the highest level domestically and internationally, but
also reduce the rate of injuries that these players suffer and keep them on the field
longer and training harder. So I’m very grateful for this opportunity, thank you very much. Hi, my name is Jannae Parrott, I’m a recent
graduate of the Masters of Public Health program where I had my focus in International Health.
I did my internship at the Oregon Health Authority Addictions and Mental Health Division where
I was fortunate enough to turn my internship opportunity into a job as an independent contractor.
During my internship, I was responsible for implementing a statewide prevention grant,
and I was also responsible for creating a data assessment workbook for tribal prevention
coordinators and also for providing technical assistance to the tribe. With this opportunity,
I hope to go on and continue to implement prevention programs in communities of color
and low-income communities. It’s something I’m really passionate about. And I hope to
change the world by hopefully implementing a single payer healthcare system eventually
and help also to strengthen prevention systems across the United States. Hi, my name is Ben Bogert and I’m a senior
in Athletic Training at Oregon State University. Over my four years as a student here, I’ve
interned at four different places including the Oregon State University football team,
Western Oregon University football and track, Crescent Valley High School sports teams and
currently interning with the OSU girls volleyball team. My experience as an intern has really
helped me to prove to myself that I am in the right field. My most recent internship
with the volleyball team has been very positive and unique. You know you enjoy and value what
you do when you wake up at 5:30 every day to work in an unpaid internship. I’m responsible
for helping with care and prevention of athletic injuries, as well as providing assistance
with treatments and rehab plans for athletes. This internship has given me a realistic expectation
of what it takes to work as an athletic trainer in any professional setting in terms of work
ethic, knowledge and skill level. After graduation, I hope to either intern as an assistant athletic
trainer for the Portland Trailblazers or continue my education to become a physician assistant.
I am very grateful for these opportunities I’ve received through my internships. The
emergency management skills alone I’ve developed not only help me in my career goals, but they
could in fact save a life, which I think is more valuable than anything. Hi, I’m Alexis Mettler, I’m a dietetic intern
here at Oregon State University. My internship is like having a different job every few weeks.
Just when I start to learn everybody’s name, it’s time to move on to a different place.
The dietetic internship gives me, as a recent nutrition graduate, a taste of the many opportunities
available in the dietetics profession. Some of us are really lucky and we graduate from
school knowing exactly what type of dietitian we want to be, some of us have no idea, and
some of us only think that we know what we want to do after the internship. But after
having been exposed to so many different options, we can completely change our minds, sometimes
every week. I’ve had the opportunity to work in long-term care, I’ve worked with kids at
WIC, with the dietitian at Burgerville restaurants, with the Oregon Dairy Council, at Salem Hospital,
at the Corvallis School District and the Dialysis Center. Each time I go to a new site I find
a new passion. Whether this is because it’s what I’m exposed to at that time or because
of the fantastic preceptors I’ve been fortunate to have, I’m not sure. But whatever the reason,
I am leaving the internship with a wealth of new knowledge and an increased confidence
in my skills and abilities. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and really look forward
to using what I’ve learned to help change people’s lives with healthy eating, so thank
you so much. My name is Christopher MacLean, and I am a
MPH student here at OSU studying Health Promotion and Health Behavior. I am very grateful for
the opportunity I’ve had to intern with Wallace Medical Concern in East Portland, it’s given
me a lot of great organizational experience. While being there I have helped them really
develop their diabetes care program and monitor the outcomes of medical intervention as well
as the behavioral intervention that we’ve implemented with this very diverse population.
It’s going to help me a lot in my future career, it’s going to give me all kinds of knowledge
to work with in implementing health promotion programs. Hi, I’m Sadie Davis, I’m a senior studying
Human Development and Family Sciences and I’m currently interning at the Women’s Center
here on campus. At the Women’s Center my job is two-fold, I do office duties and administrative
type work and I’m also a co-coordinator for a program called WORTHE, which stands for
Women Returning to Higher Education. We serve women who are 25 years of age and older there.
And I think this is going to help me in my future with where I’m going because I’d really
like to get involved with career counseling and so helping people right now on campus
will definitely aid me with that, so thanks for the opportunity. Hi, my name is Jonathon Wymore and I am a
senior at Oregon State University, studying both Nutrition as well as Exercise Physiology.
Something I’m passionate about is helping others, and my vehicle to do this is by teaching
them about nutrition and exercise so they can improve the quality of their own life.
Currently, I’m doing a practicum at Oregon State University’s Department of Recreational
Sports working on a program called UFit. This is a program that’s designed to take sedentary
students and teach them how to begin an exercise program. In the UFit program we expose them
to a variety of cardiovascular as well as resistance training, and teach them important
components such as goal setting, identifying barriers to exercise and how to develop strategies
to overcome those barriers, as well as creating positive support systems. I’m really grateful
for this opportunity, it’s given me a lot of good experience that I can use in a career
as a wellness programmer and I’m really excited to see my work right now paying off by improving
the lives of the students that I’m working with and starting to address some of those
public health issues that we currently see facing our nation. Hi my name is Sherry Farley, I graduated just
recently with my PhD in Nutrition from OSU and I’m currently a dietetic intern through
OSU’s dietetic program. This internship has given me a wide array of experiences, hands-on
experiences in clinical nutrition, counseling, food service. I’ve enjoyed working with all
of the preceptors and dietitians, and I appreciate that they’ve shared their time, and especially
their knowledge, and I really think that that has really immensely helped my nutrition background
already and I do have confidence moving forward that I will be even more successful in my
chosen career path as a dietitian because of all of these unique experiences, so I really
appreciate it, thank you.

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