Pharmacy Software Review: Gulab Devi Hospital

I am Dr. Abdur Rahman, medical professor of pathology at Gulab Devi hospital Gulab Devi is an NGO, a charitable organization that has been serving the patients for the last 80 years. Gulab Devi has both indoor and outdoor patient facilities To make it easier for our patients to get medicines, we decided to set up an outdoor retail pharmacy. Our team searched the market for appropriate software that could cater to the specific retail needs of a pharmacy store. We selected Candela for Pharmacy, we have been using it for the last four years Candela is a complete retail solution for pharmacies it helps you keep track of stock, sales, medicines expiry dates, accounts, etc. I am completely satisfied with Candela for pharmacy and would recommend it to other pharmacy retailers. . Based on our experience with Candela at Gulab Devi, we chose it for the Model Town hospital, and now we are successfully using Candela to manage pharmacies at both the hospitals.

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