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[MUSIC] Because as sometimes has more
resistance to things like so we would add the cipro for
double. So currently I am working in
the emergency room and I have the opportunity to work as
a very independent practitioner with a lot of support
from my preceptors. As a PGY2 they give us more
autonomy and more responsibility in order to learn how to be
a clinical specialist and really provide effective
care to our patients.>>The residents
are accepted and expected to be part of
the healthcare team pretty quickly when they
start the residency program.>>We’re looking for
people that are leaders, have taken a leadership role
in their pharmacy school or college of pharmacy,
but are looking to take a leadership role in
the future of the profession.>>I’ve had the opportunity
to implement new systems, to help manage orders, do a lot of
patient safety, as well as a lot of clinical roles while I’m down
in the emergency department.>>Well I knew pretty early on
that I wanted to specialize in informatics,
pharmacy informatics. And with that, I also knew that
I needed a strong clinical background and I felt that
Johns Hopkins was a great place to increase my
clinical knowledge.>>We have eight different ICUs, which really allowed me
to explore my options and what was nice about Hopkins
is they really let me get my experiences early to let me know
what I really wanted to do with my career going forth with and
early commitment.>>The residents expect
to get some support from preceptors, but they’re always surprised at the
level of support that they get.>>The preceptors here want
to make sure that you’re comfortable and that Hopkins is a good
learning environment for you. So they really take the time
to make sure that you’re comfortable and you’re learning, and they
will tailor the rotation and the program to meet your needs.>>Literally every single person
from the department is willing to just to go out of their
way and help the residency. I really feel it’s the culture
that’s created here, it says a lot about how
proud the department is of their residency program and
their residents.>>We’re always doing
really innovative things, I was on bone marrow
transplant in my PGY1 year. And we did the first ever
simultaneous kidney-bone marrow transplant, and I got
to be a part of that, managing the patient’s medications
throughout the whole process.>>We have a robotic system
that does a majority of our medication dispensing. We have an IV
manufacturing robot. These are things that I know
a lot of hospitals do not have throughout the country so I
feel very fortunate that I have hands-on experience working with
all sorts of new technologies, new software,
that are being implemented.>>Every day we are working with
physicians who are not only leaders in the hospital, they’re actually experts
in the entire world. And these physicians really
value the expertise of pharmacy even as a resident they will
ask us questions related to clinical care.>>The leaders of this hospital
and the hospital itself didn’t get to where it is without
listening to pharmacy, and I see that every day. They take the input
from the entire team in the care of the patient. I feel very fortunate
to be a part of that.>>I hope that by coming to
Hopkins we’re able to support your desire to achieve what
you’ve defined as success for yourself, both personal and
professional. [MUSIC]

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  1. Impressive. Loved it. I wish I could have an opportunity to do some of this in my future proffesion. Thanks for the video.

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