Pharmacists collaborate for seniors flu clinic

*music* *flags waving in the wind* Barrhead is a town of close to four thousand people, and more farmers here, and we have like a one hospital and four pharmacies. And it’s a quiet place, it’s peaceful. It is the most welcoming town. When I moved here about three years ago, I was immediately felt, made to feel part of a family. And it’s a place where, you know, everyone knows everyone, that kind of thing. We do have a more senior population here, so this year we got called by Alberta Health Services to say, “Hey, you know, can you do something for the lodges?” And we said, that’s okay, we can get ourselves together, and then everyone together will be “the pharmacy,” and then we’ll be the ones doing the flu clinics. It was all team all the way. There was, there was never a question. There was nobody that tried to out do anybody, it was just what can we do to help? When you practice with another pharmacist, you know, it made a really big difference, so now we are all friends in this community, so we know each other every one. *pills being counted* It went so smooth, it’s because everybody got together our assistants, the pharmacists. When we got there, we weren’t quite sure how it was going to go, like how the logistics of the morning was going to go. Everybody just started talking, okay let’s try this, let’s try that, and it went as smooth as could be. *phone ringing* We were six pharmacists and four assistants there, and each pharmacist gave approximately 20 to 25 shots, so almost like 130 to 150 people there. They were very, very fast, nice, and it was very easy. I think it’s great, it’s very good, because some people they can’t walk, and they can’t, well they don’t know, they get lost some of them they’re so bad, and a lodge is a lodge for the old people they’re not all the same. And it’s good to have the pharmacists that they help out. I actually was so proud of us, we all stood there that day and felt so pround of being able to be there for our patients and being there with each other. Absolutely wonderful, just you know helping the community out in that way and even to Alberta Health Services as well, showing that we can take this up, I think it was a win for pharmacy for sure.

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