34 thoughts on “Pharmacist Turned Medstudent / MedSchool Motivation

  1. Tu travailles en pharmacie et en + t'es en 3eme année de médecine?? J'suis choquée, ça t'as pas saoulé les 5 ans de pharma?? mdr
    t'as pu aller directement en 2ème année de médecine après la pharma c'est ça? En tout cas bravo!! Moi je viens de passer en 2ème année de pharma en France, et après 2 ans de PACES j'ai déjà la flemme des études, surtout que ma soeur est pharmacienne elle a jamais le temps de rien, et son mari en 6ème année de médecine il a jamais le temps de rien non plus, alors combiner les deux ça parait impossible, continue comme ça 🙂

  2. coucou, tu m'inspires enormément. En ce moment, je suis en 3 eme année de pharmacie. Je voulais savoir comment s'est passé ta passerelle ? tu as pu passer en medecine en 2 eme ou en 3 eme ? j'ai toujours eu cette envie de faire de la medecine mais je ne veux pas abandonner la pharmacie sans au moins un diplome 🙂
    je suis en Belgique à l'Unamur et l'année prochaine, j'irais à l'UCL si tout va bien. Comment s'est passée ta passerelle. avais tu beaucoup de dispense en medecine ?

  3. I left pharmacy school and switch to medschool 3 weeks ago ..
    It was my dream , ambition to study medicine .. but here where I live your high school grade
    is the scale by which you will or you will not be accepted in what you want to study otherwise you will need to choose another thing to study or you will need to enter at the secoundry programme which is VERY EXPANSIVE..
    The lowest grade they accept in the normal eductional programe was 95.2
    but mine was 94…
    So I instead of medicine was forced to go to clinical pharmacy school …
    I know pharmD is a great specialty but it simply isnt my dream 🙁
    I decided to go back and re examine high school again during my university studying
    so If I couldnt success to elavate my highschool grade I wont lose my education..
    and my new high school grade have become 95
    with my pharmD GPA 3.942 !
    after a year of this I again tried to enter medschool at my new highschool grade and like if
    it was a dream I WAS ACCEPTED !

  4. This had me crying! Lovely lovely video! I've been down in a rut because so many things have been going wrong lately and I know that there is greatness in me and I really just needed this to help me get it together! God Bless You!

  5. Un coucou de Belgique (représente haha!)😘 je suis en rétho et c'est dingue, je suis en langues mais je veux me diriger dans la branche médicale! Je m'étais intéressée à la pharmacie mais je n'ai pas trouvé d'informations précises jusqu'à ce que je tombe sur ta vidéo où tu parles de tes études de pharmacie! Merci milles fois pour tes vidéos, et cette vidéo-ci est d'ailleurs incroyable, merci

  6. Your videos are extremely precious and motivating. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I look forward to your next one. I wish you all possible good things in life.

  7. Hi, can you please make a video about your decision to pursue medicine now… I'm kind of in your same shoes and would love to hear how you made that decision. Thank you

  8. Thank you so much. This is such a great inspiration for me. I am also a pharmacist who has been wanting to switch to Medicine . This just showed me that it is
    possible if l put my mind to it. God bless you in your journey 😊

  9. I start med school at 38. Army vet, first gen college student. One of 6 kids, 3 are HS dropouts with one in prison. Teen parents, both dropouts.Academic suspension in my past. Slept on a relatives couch for 2 years. Accepted to a public Texas med school. Tuition is covered. Just a blue-collar white guy that used to be a Walmart cart-pusher.Living the dream.

  10. omg thank you so much for this video! I'm a wife, mommy of 3 pursuing my 3rd degree. I'm changing career. this is a big encouragement for me. congratulations on your career you will be a awesome doctor.

  11. Hello Mam, am from India this video inspired me a lot Am doing Pharm D 5th year. Now am interested to do MD in Pharmacology after completing this course .So I want to know is it possible for me to do so. Plz tell me mam if you know about it .

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