46 thoughts on “Pharmacist Denies Michigan Woman Miscarriage Medication Over Religious Beliefs | NBC Nightly News

  1. Don't work at a pharmacy if you have religious issues. Petoskey is where Hemingway lived for many years. A summer home for Chicagoans.

  2. I hope the fire department will refuse to come when called based upon their disapproved of the pharmacist's personal behaviors.

  3. How can he not understand as a pharmacist that it's not abortion if she already miscarried? It seems like he was using religion as an excuse to deny her medical care because he could. If this wasn't true he would have done what he was supposed to do which is have another pharmacist fill it and/or transfer her prescription.

  4. The word Pharmakaia is translated from Greek in the Bible and is equivalent to pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists are modern day drug dealers for sorcerers who work for huge corporations making mind and body altering drugs. Say like Ambien, seems pleasant until it kills you

  5. And it starts,this is just the beginning of the rights intentions to make it as hard as possible for women to seek safe medical help…VOTE,VOTE,VOTE.

  6. Let's see how this pharmacist feels when his wife is laying on a gurney, bleeding to death in an emergency room, and the trauma tech refuses to run to the blood bank because he is Jehovah's Witness and doesn't believe in blood transfusions. If you are working in the health care field, your "religious delusions" beliefs have to be left outside in the parking lot.

    As a former Trauma Tech, there were times that it would have been easy for me to press my personal beliefs but when a person's life hangs in the balance, my personal beliefs don't mean squat!

  7. Lightening strikes the pharmacist's house and sets it on fire. When the fire department arrives, the captain says, "I'm sorry, sir, but the god Thor struck your house with set your house on fire. It is our sincerely held religious belief that fires started by Thor must be allowed to burn. Therefore, we will not put out your house, nor will we call another fire department to put out your house." And before you say anything, remember — my Norse Pantheon of Gods is just as real as this guys bearded man in the sky.

  8. There IS a law that states
    pharmacist right of refusal.  pharmacist is convinced that filling a prescription is not in the best interest of the patient, due to an allergy or contraindication, the pharmacist may be under a professional duty to refuse to fill, at least until he or she contacts the prescriber to resolve the question.

  9. Oh rubbish, what man describes themselves as a Catholic male? I do not believe her and how do you complete a miscarriage? Either you miscarried or did not.

  10. I won't provide emergency medical services to you because you are choking on an oyster which god says is sinful and detestable.

  11. She should have kept her legs closed and think before she acted. She wasn't thinking about children when she was being selfish pleasuring herself. Don't take your mistakes out on life.

  12. This pharmacist wasn't sleazeball and because he did not pass it on to another pharmacist or transfer it and because of the emotional trauma he caused he was fired

  13. When will the ACLU stick up for my gun rights because Democrats want to make my guns disappear based on thier emotional arguments and not fact?

  14. Pharmacists should NEVER have the power to deny a medicine that a medical doctor prescribed.

    I hope that pharmacist gets what he deserves.


  16. So the guy acted a fool, broke policy, no longer works there, she got her medication, doesn't seem like too much of a story.

  17. This woman is disgusting…she could have had her doctor transfer the prescription….I smell a load of "look at me" with a dash of "I want money"….

  18. His religious beliefs are against providing medicine? SMH the woman already experienced the loss of the pregnancy but this guy just made the experience that much worse .

  19. Really pharmacist? Do you also think that the Saudi Arabia government didn't cut up that journalist.
    You do know that people will be checking your past behavior and you will never find employment as a pharmacist except for maybe in Saudi Arabia…

  20. I don’t see the problem. The man got to practice his beliefs and the woman got her medication. That’s how it’s supposed to work here in America. A win-win situation.

  21. There’s something weird about this next you know they’ll call her either transgender or does something weird this is one of those set ups for Democrats to

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