Pharmacist Careers at the NIH

My name is Majid Tanas and I am the Chief
of Pharmacy at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. The Clinical Center, America’s research
hospital, is the world’s largest hospital devoted exclusively to clinical investigation. This “House of Hope” is where today’s
mission is a search for tomorrow’s cures. But what makes this place award winning are
the people. And that is why we are inviting you to join
the Pharmacy team. While the Pharmacy Department’s fundamental
purpose is to provide a model environment for patient safety and care, clinical research,
and training, we strive to be the worldwide leaders in pharmacy practice. This vision is defined by innovation, diversity
and inclusion, respect for the individual, and global communication. Such guiding principles have historically
underpinned the Pharmacy Department’s integral role within the Clinical Center placing our
pharmacy practice at the forefront of clinical care and research. The NIH Clinical Center encourages and promotes
innovative practice in patient care, clinical research, and operations; therefore, we are
working hard to establish a strong system of care to drive us into the future. This includes building new pharmacy facilities
and infrastructures, increasing staffing components, developing quality programs, and redefining
pharmacy practice within clinical research programs. For over a century, NIH scientists and clinicians
have paved the way for important discoveries that improve health and save lives. The 21st century continues to produce truly
revolutionary discoveries for science, technology, and medicine. Such revolutionary ideas often come from unexpected
directions. Attracting people who want to practice medicine
in a modality of discovery is what drives the clinical and translational research that
transforms discoveries into new, innovative clinical practice. A vision of global leadership in pharmacy
practice requires a building an environment of quality, compliance, and operational accountability. We hope to bolster these key values through
the addition of some critical roles in the Pharmacy Department to include: Quality Assurance
Specialists, who are responsible for the quality program and ensuring the safety, quality,
and effectiveness of all pharmaceutical products compounded and dispensed by the Pharmacy Department
in support of NIH-wide protocols. A Medication Safety Officer who is responsible
for formulating policy and instituting models that promote medication safety in all aspects
of the medication management process throughout the hospital. A Deputy Chief of Pharmacy Operations who
is responsible for administrative, clinical, and programmatic leadership for the Inpatient
and Outpatient Pharmacy Services to ensure the achievement of the clinical, research,
and education goals and applicable performance measures of the Pharmacy Department. Pharmacist positions encompassing duties within
the Inpatient Pharmacy, but specifically focusing on the sterile compounding, intravenous admixture
unit (IVAU). These positions in addition to other pharmacist,
technician, and business operations roles perform responsibilities which enhance the
reputation and service-orientation of the Pharmacy Department by infusing our key values
of quality, compliance, and operational accountability into our mission. This is a remarkable time of discovery and
the opportunities in medicine and science are both exciting and urgent. The Pharmacy Department embraces the challenge
while standing on our pillars of patient safety and care, clinical research, and world class
training all anchored by our patient-centric values. With great clinical minds, the NIH Clinical
Center can continue to meet these challenges head-on. There’s no hospital in the world like the
Clinical Center. It our goal to lead the global effort in training
today’s investigators and discovering tomorrow’s cures. Be part of the team that is defining the future
of medicine and pharmacy practice.

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