Peyton’s Story: The Michigan Difference at Mott Children’s Hospital

(gentle music) – [Father] Peyton started
golfing about 3 1/2. He’ll sit outside for a
couple hours at a time and just, you know, hit the ball, go get it, bring it back,
tee it up, hit it again. – Golf’s my favorite sport. – Peyton has spina bifida. The type of spina bifida he has is called myelomeningocele, which
is defined as the most severe form of spina bifida. – It’s a birth defect where the backbone and the spinal canal do
not close before birth. Right after he was born, he was rushed by ambulance to U of M Mott Children’s Hospital and I went with him where
he was seen right away and operated on. – Being by myself was scary. It gave me some time to reflect and to think about, you know, is this kid gonna go to college? Is this kid ever gonna
grow up and get married? Is he gonna have kids? – While he was in surgery, every minute seemed like an eternity; sitting in the waiting room. And then when Doctor
Garton came out of surgery and said that everything
went well, he’s fine, then began the progress of him developing. (gentle music) – Since then he’s had eight
different surgeries all at Mott. The position of the defect has affected his ability to walk. Peyton had an orthopedic surgery where they broke his femurs and tried to straighten
his legs so he could walk. I thought, you know, this surgery is gonna allow him to stand, which will strengthen his
bones and help him grow, but not for a moment did
I think he would walk 50 feet or 200 feet, with the assistance that he walks with. The bottom line is, is you want to go where your kid’s gonna get the best surgeon or the best doctor, the best opportunity. – The compassion that they have for you in every given situation, no matter if it’s a major surgery, a minor surgery, we’ve
been blessed to have them and to go through everything that we’ve gone through
with Peyton at U of M because it’s just been perfect. – I think the big thing is, is
that this defect has kind of affected his ability to walk, but not his drive to succeed and to live a really great
high quality of life. He’s a rock star. Always. (gentle music)

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