Peterson Regional Medical Center

♪ Something that’s great about Peterson is, it’s not just a job. It’s not get up, go to work, repeat. You have an opportunity to really be involved here. All the different departments work together and pitch in to provide the patient with the best possible care. Peterson Regional Medical Center is a 125 bed facility in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We’re seeking individuals who are as passionate about nursing and caring about others as we are. Everyone from food services to radiology, physicians, nurses, we all pitch in together. I think that the level of care at Peterson is fantastic, and the quality of care is awesome. We have some great nurses, some experienced nurses. It takes a team to make a difference in patient care, to provide that exceptional patient care, and at Peterson we have that. Camaraderie, teamwork, passion, these are three things that are huge here at this hospital. Here at Peterson we’re able to provide the full complement of services that our community requires. Homecare, hospice, inpatient and outpatient surgery, acute care services, wound care. Interesting tidbit: we are the largest hospital between El Paso and San Antonio. Anything happens to you west of here, if you don’t need to be flown to a trauma center, you’re landing here with us. And so, we really take it upon ourselves to keep on the cutting edge. The technology here at Peterson gets me excited about coming to work. There’s a lot of resources here at Kerrville that make our job easier and a lot safer. We have our tele-neuro that can help if you’re having a stroke. They can have a neurosurgeon right there in the room. State of the art imaging machines such as MRI and CT scanners. Peterson has big city technology and innovation with a small town feel. There’s a lot to do here. The river is gorgeous. A lot of hiking trails, biking. There’s kayaking, there’s fishing, and running, a lot of outdoor activities. It’s a great little community, and there’s lots of opportunities to be outside around here. And it’s accessible to a big city as well, to San Antonio. They have so many programs here that are available for us nurses…tuition assistance, and I’m not talking, “Okay here’s $500, and you’re gonna work for a year to pay this back.” They have a flat-out tuition assistance program. I’m a single mom, and so the scholarship really helped me. I was thinking “how am I gonna afford school? I’m taking out all these loans…” It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Peterson values education and knowledge, and therefore we provide lots of support for those who wish to continue their formal education. You should come to work at Peterson because this is a great place to be. The services we offer here are patient centered and exceptional. There’s lots of opportunities here at Peterson, and it’s a great place to work at. We’re ahead of the curve for a hospital of our size when it comes to technological advances. You’ll find lots of opportunity to participate. You’re also able to advance your education, and there’s tons of learning opportunities. Everybody’s willing to teach, and really friendly.

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