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Hello and welcome to the Fan Show. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been lucky
enough to meet fans in all shapes and sizes. Actors, animators, cosplayers, cosmologists,
Minecrafters and musicians. But recently, we got to chat to a very famous
fan indeed. The chap with the keys to the TARDIS. The attack eyebrow extraordinaire.
The man who is Who right now. Peter Capaldi. Here’s what he had to say. If you could revive a monster from the Classic
series of Doctor Who to battle with, which would you choose? Erm, I don’t know. People often ask me this.
There’s so many that I’m keen on. Er, I quite like the Axons. I think. I often
like, you see the idea that would could with our modern technology that you could make
up techniques. You could take an old monster and render them
more. As has happened with Silirians and Cybermen etc. So I think the Axons would be fun. Because
they were quite elegant Grecian sort of creatures with golden faces that then became sort of
squidgy, blobby masses. And I think they would be very good. And I
like the Daemons because I think they’re quite creepy. I’d like to see Bok the Daemon
or Azal. You know, in our modern gear. I like, I have
a great soft spot for the Zarbi and Menoptra as everybody knows. I think that’s really because when I was
a kid, I guess it was one of the early shows that I saw when I was young and these really
stuck in my head. And I know now when people go back and look
at it and they go oh they’re a bit tatty and a bit this and a bit that. They forget when those shows were broadcast
there was no other way to- the shows just went out. You didn’t see any photographs from them,
no magazine. There was no DVD you couldn’t watch them
again so these things were sent out and lodged in your imagination. So in my imagination these strange month-like
creatures with the wings and strange sort of voices really grew. As did the Zarbi. But then years later someone
gives you the DVD and you go oh, you know. And you don’t want to do that. I like it
when they exist in the imagination. Who else do I- course I’m a great fan of
the Mondasian Cybermen. Mostly because I like saying ‘Mondasian Cybermen. I think that’s a great phrase, don’t you? Yeah I do. And I like the Mondasian Cybermen because
they have real hands. And as a child that was really, really spooky. Because they had real human hands. I’d like
to see them come back. I love them. Yeah. What would you have them do if they were to
come back? What’s your ultimate Mondasian Cyberman
story? Your fantastic Mondasian Cyberman story? Well, I think they’ve already tried to invade
the Earth haven’t they? So we couldn’t have that. Although I think an Earth invasion
is always my favourite story. I think the Mondasian Cybermen should be in
conflict with the- We should either have them sort of becoming
Time Lords in some way. Securing the power of the Time Lords and somehow
channelling that so they have access to Time and Space which they’ve never really had
before. There was something else I was going to say.
Yes, I think it would be good if we had Genesis of The Cybermen. That would be good. I like that, yeah. And we find the Doctor on Mondas itself in
an adventure where he discovered the Cybermen actually being created. Ooh, I like that. I’d like to see that. Yeah. It’s raining outside- Yeah. There’s nothing to watch on TV. Which Doctor
Who adventure do you pop into your DVD player to cheer you up? Ooh, erm. I think. Well. From the Classic
series? Any. I think Rose is always great. I think it’s
always great to see- I think Christopher Eccleson is so fabulous in that and Billie Piper and
also the courage of bringing Doctor Who back is very exciting. You know. The Girl In The Fire Place is fabulous.
David is absolutely fabulous in that. You know, I think he has the wonderful quality
of a romantic lead about him. Vampires of Venice, I like very much. I think
Matt is fabulous in that. He’s great. He’s always able to walk that line between being
comic and dramatic very nimbly. He’s brilliant at that. So any of those.
The Rings of Akhaten I like a lot. From the old series, there’s so many there. I like… I love the Ark In Space. I think
the Ark In Space is great because I love Tom Baker with his hair, is just like the most
wildest hair ever. He’s obviously… I think later on as you
watch the rest of his time as Doctor Who he started to get a perm or something. But in his first season, he looks more like
Harpo Marx towards the end of his run. But in his first season he’s just got this
absolutely mess of bohemian hair which is about this size. It’s like, what would you
call it? A Tom Fro. A Doc Fro. He’s got a big Doc Fro. And also his speech in that. And about human
beings. He just takes grasp of the role of Doctor Who you know, in that season, in that
story so completely. Homo sapiens. What an invincible and inventive
species. It’s only a few million years since they crawled out of the mud and learned to
walk. Do you know I could sit and watch Jon Pertwee
do anything. Me too. I could just sit and watch him read the telephone
books. Every time I watch him because he’s so, he has such authority. He’s a real, you know if you’re in trouble
you want those doors to swing open and Jon Pertwee to come storming in with a flap of
his cape. I love the last episode of Frontier in Space.
Do you like that? It’s one of my favourites. Isn’t that one of the great Doctor Who stories-episodes
ever? It’s one of the first ones I saw actually,
yeah. It’s fabulous. Because you’ve got everything
in that. Because magnificently, it’s one of those
episodes where you go ‘Is he going to regenerate now?’ and it was so weird that he was knocked
out and he touches- I think it’s the first time we see the TARDIS
telepathic circuits he says “I’m sending a message to the Time Lords!” – he says
like this. Because he’s about to keel over. But the
telepathic circuits then are just like two big, to big discs. Amperometers or something like that whereas
we have this lovely, rubber stuff that you touch now. Terror of The Autons. Do you want me to go
on? Daleks Invasion of Earth any of these. Daleks Invasion of Earth is fantastic. I love. The Web of Fear is another fabulous
Doctor Who story that has to be watched. The Mind Robber is absolutely brilliant. Watch that if you get any time on a rainy
day. Because Patrick Troughton is one of the most extraordinary actors. Just his delicacy, his ability to jump from
being irate to being kindly and clownish. I think we should move on to the next one. Okay. Could talk about Doctor Who all day. That’s
what happens when you put two fans in a room together. Okay. Last one. What do you think keeps the Doctor exploring
time and space. You mean the character? Yeah. What keeps him motivated. There’s
obviously so many dangers. What keeps him going? Because it is the most wonderful freedom.
You know, the thing about Doctor Who is everyone else has a mundane existence no matter how
spectacular their life- Even my life which is the most spectacular
life I could have ever imagine or have hoped for. The Doctor could escape that and go to Neptune
or the edge of the galaxy or go to Ancient Rome or go to 5 minutes hence, go back and
see his mother or whatever. You know it’s, erm, he- I think what drives him is he has the greatest
toy box ever in existence available to him and he can’t stop playing with it. You know, it leads him into terrible trouble
but it is the most fascinating and wonderful and exotic toybox there is. The entirety of time and space. Who could not want to roll around in that. Brilliant. Well thank you so much for talking
to us. It’s been absolutely magical. It’s been a great pleasure talking to you
too. And your hair is the best hair on television. So is yours. I want to know your hairdresser.

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  2. I love Tom baker as the doctor as do i love John Pertwee. just goes to show how awesome Doctor who is and how awesome our community of fans is…proud to be a fan tbh

  3. I like how this episode started as an interesting interview and ending up in just two huge geeks who could talk about their love and passion for Doctor Who a whole day. Look at Peter's face! "I want to know your hairdresser…"

  4. Peter Capaldi is honestly so sweet! When I heard that he was going to be replacing Matt Smith, I was a bit skeptical, because Matt was my first Doctor, but now after watching all these clips of the Twelfth Doctor, I'm really excited for him. And even though he's a bit older than the other Doctors, I still find him very cute 🙂

  5. What a really nice chap to take time to chat to you for your web channel .were you nervous i know i would have been well done

  6. Peter Capaldi for Prime Minister! Or rather President of the Earth! As an Englishman, who is constantly being made to feel like they are the root of all the world's problems, and the reason for all the woes of the other nations within the United Kingdom (when actually the great majority of us are peaceful, tolerant, self deprecating and helpful), he is a breath of fresh air. He shows the very best of Scotland, and the very best of humanity, and never at the expense of anyone else. He doesn't seem to have an unjustified chip on his shoulder, like many of the SNP lot have. He is a delight.

  7. Somehow I stumble into this, and I say, that was a wonderful interview. As far as the Mondasian Cybermen, mission accomplished, I can't wait to see the last episode of Series / Season 10 of how it turns out. Long… almost…story short, this incarnation of the Doctor is pure genius, I like everybody else could try to picture Peter Capaldi as the Doctor a long time ago, could he? can he? Seeing this answered that question 10 fold…or is it 12 fold? hmm, anyway, I enjoyed it. Eight down, four to go; knock it out the ballpark 12!

  8. if Christel was the the doctor, the regenoration would be gorgous!
    looks in mirror "hang on I've done this one all-ready"
    runs hands through hair "twice"
    runs hands down side of body "ok so theres been some tweeks"

  9. My favourite classic episodes are Genesis of the Daleks and The Five doctors. I'm quite young so I haven't seen many clasic episodes,but out of the ones I've seen those are my favourite.

  10. 2:20 I'm so happy that he got his wish for the Series 10 finale… him saying "Mondasian Cyberman" on-screen, while being in-character… must've been a blast for him!

  11. Final episode of season 10 was on last week and watching this back it sort of seemed Peter got what he want with the Mondasian Cyberman.

  12. He says that he wants to see a return of the Mondassian cyber men, and here we are two years later with the mondassian cybermen in the last couple of episodes

  13. ha ha look at that he said the mondass genesis would be cool just watch season 10 lol peters dream came true!

  14. One thing I have to thank Steven Moffat is for giving Peter Capaldi the episode he wanted. Thank You! World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls. Amazing finale, I cried my eyes out.
    And the mondasian cybermen are so creepy. Rachel Talalay is a genius.

  15. he actually got his dream cybeman ep for the season ten finale AND HE ALSO DID WAtCH NEW WHO IM SO AMAZED BY HIM

  16. Well, looks like Peter got to see that Genesis of the Mondasian Cybermen story after all, in the season 10 finale.

  17. I love Peter Capaldi 😍 he’s so charming and so likeable. It’s also interesting to know that he also love episodes from the new series even like the classic episodes! It would be an honour if I could meet him one day

  18. Holy heck. At 3:26 he predicted World Enough and Time. Peters does get crazier hair than Tom Baker at the end of series 10

  19. So was he behind pushing the Mondasian cybermen for season ten? Cause if so, excellent work Capaldi, that was one of the best episodes of new who.

  20. His ideal scenario with one of his favourite monsters (as well as two legendary Masters) became a reality in his finale, and then in his last episode at Christmas he ventured with the Doctor he watched at 5 years old… Peter's probably had the best run any actor could ever have as the Doctor. He's truly the number 1 fan.

  21. And so the Doctor fought the Mondasian Cybermen on a spaceship reversing out of a black hole – when he refused to regenerate.

  22. I just love watching her as she listens to him list off his fav episodes… I wish Peter could have had better writing midway through his run. What a fantastic Doctor, and will be truly missed! On to Jodie!! ❤️❤️

  23. I wish they would reboot Colonia, cast Peter Capaldi as Paul Schäfer, Samara Weaving as Lena and Logan Marshall-Green as Daniel

  24. Peter: We should have the Cyberman channeling the power of the Time Lords
    Writers: Quickly scribbling down notes So we have this new and totally original story called Supremacy of the Cyberman

  25. Peter Capaldi on the outside: Tom Baker just has the most wildest hair
    Peter Capaldi in the inside: Hold my jelly babies

  26. 6:41
    It’s a shame he never incorporated this Pertweeness just once into his performance.
    Peter the Great.

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