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Welcome to the Pete Doherty guide to rehab
or specifically Hope Rehab, which is the only rehab actually in my guide to successful rehabs. We’re going to start here at the Sea of
Love where it all began, that first counselling session with Dylan. I’m going to go back to Hope where I think
we might have time for a quick whistle-stop tour of the rehab before my last one-to-one. This is where we get the staff cars they have to pick
up clients, just in case they have any last minute doubts about coming here and they decide they want to
check in to a hotel for a few days. They just sort of get bundled into a blacked-out
car. Probably the first thing they see is the plane. Just beyond the gym here, we’ll go and have
a look. Open air design with pilate balls, accessories. I had this specially brought in just in case
I need to evacuate in an emergency but I couldn’t move the chocks so we’ve got the bikes here
instead. Ping-pong table, that’s the Pete Doherty
memorial ping-pong table to celebrate four days clean. We were going to turn this into a studio but
we just got round to cleaning it. I say ‘we’, I mean Cat here. It’s quite nice that cup actually. This is for when you find yourself up shit
creek. I’m putting all these things out but the
truth is, there isn’t really a great deal to distract you here, which is the beauty
of it for me. It’s just a really simple set up. It used to be a snake farm and then it became
a resort for newly-weds. Quite spectacular from this angle. This is where you come when the pressures
of group therapy become too much and you have to hide in the bushes and have a little cry. Like I said, it’s mostly just tranquillity. Tranquillity itself. We have the pond where the loyal Hope… As loyal as any members of staff I suppose. Shelley and I forget the bigger one’s name,
don’t be shy. Here he is, snail mad if you want to get on
their good side. They love snails, the turtles, in fact it
got to the point where they were accusing certain clients of being co-dependent with
the tortoises. Like all good rehabs around the world there’s
a good balance of well-trained counsellors and experienced recovering addicts and shit
loads of geckos. Group Room 1 where at 9 o’clock you will
be expected to attend group therapy process. Timeline, step one powerlessness, the sort
of thing you go through with your counsellor first and then present it to the group. Since I’ve been here there haven’t been
more than 15 clients at any one time and as few as 6, so it’s a full house really. That’s Two Tone where George lives. This is where I live, got a set up camp here,
I’ll show you the room, we share the rooms and I wouldn’t want to nose into anyone
else’s room. I wouldn’t let this reflect on the rooms in
general, it’s a bit cluttered, but they do clean it every day believe it or not. I came here with so much to do, so many songs
to write, so many books to read, but actually they do kind of keep you busy. I’m looking at Dr Bob and The Good Oldtimers,
which is a biography with recollections of early AA in the Midwest. Yeah, it’s incredible really. I think the basic message is you can still be a
raging pisshead but you just don’t have the drink. Using the various flora and fauna around,
I get the feeling I am responding to a call, that’s a Lee Mavers lyric, yeah. He wrote to me and wished me the best actually,
Lee Mavers. No, he didn’t, he just said I had dirty
hands, but I’m sure he wishes me the best. My picture of The Libertines taken in our
prime, Carl there doing his moody pose. He looks about 12. John was 12 there. That’s some tips from Paul’s mindfulness
class. Sans script meta, may be happy, compassion,
may you be free from suffering… Emphatic joy, equanimity, self-worth, concentration,
mindfulness, listening without judgement… Don’t get on the train. Here’s where we had to give a positive and
a negative statement about other peers. We’ll leave that one. They’ve mostly left anyway and
it’s not nice to bitch. The rooms are cleaned every day. Trying to do some writing, what have we got
here? Hope Rehab Thailand, December 2014. [SINGS: I’ve seen the needle and the damage done,
a little part of it in everyone, but every junkie’s like a settin’ sun.] Paul, and the blue boat which is known as
the blue boat, and bench areas which is for communal smoking and gossip. Now this is controversially known as the long
house, I suppose it depends if you’ve got a wide angle shot or not, but it’s fairly
long. Let’s look a little closer, what kind of recovering
addict could be having a one-to-one in a house like this? There’s a great pool cover. In bed, there’s Maddy, we’ll go and say
hello. This is beautiful, I forget what it’s called
but it’s part of the long house. This is where we do our meditation practices
and some candle meditations. Depending on how long you’ve been in treatment
you’ll be laying on your back or doing the old Thai Chi moves. Push the darkness away in a great river and
all that, various poses like Warrior Pose. That’s the Warrior Pose and that’s the
Mango Tree. …somehow managed to get a room in a nice
place like this. I don’t really want to show you anyone’s
room but I think the small Alice in Wonderland door combined with a heart shaped towelling
mat should give you the feel of the general place, the elephant stools, the rocking chair,
the huge ashtray and the crossword puzzle. This is absolute luxury really when you think
about it. I mean, it’s hard enough getting to grips
with recovery back in England where it’s all on top, especially in London, Manchester,
Liverpool, anywhere really. Somewhere like this you’ve just got room to breathe
and people have what they call boundaries here. I think I knew about that before I came to
treatment but you know, normally I probably wouldn’t come up here but because I know there’s
not many people here I’ll have a little nose around, see how the other half live. So, here we have it, a combination of old
world charm and luxurious with internet facilities and genuine lizards, spacious ground, littered
with the wreckage of some ill-fated voyages… They closed this place down as a retreat for
newly-weds because 90 per cent of them were splitting up after the first week and that’s
reversed in treatment. 90 per cent of the people who leave here actually stay clean for the first half hour upon leaving treatment. So that just leaves the pool, I’m going
to put on my swimming shorts. There’s a few things I left out like exactly
where Simon lives, no one’s really sure. Some say he nests in the tree with King Kong,
he’s our resident monkey. Some say he lives in the Gate House. Some say he doesn’t sleep at all, like a therapeutic
Margaret Thatcher. I mean, they don’t look alike, but she never
used to sleep, that’s the joke. I don’t know where Simon lives,
no one’s really sure.

100 thoughts on “Pete Doherty – Hope Rehab Thailand

  1. Continued success in your recovery Peter after discharge. Work a strong program, attend NA meetings and most important take it one day at a time. I have faith you can stay clean and sober if you do this!!! Good luck, All my love. xxoo

  2. Looking better than when you walked into the Joint Peter  A walk down memory Lane for me . Don't get on the Train … 

  3. My hope for you is that you return to health and live life as you were when you didnt need to feed the demons…maybe you were very young, but there was a time in point when you were free. Go there.

  4. hey Pete i just had a Phonecall from Prince William , even the British Royal Family is waiting for your return ; come back healthy you smart devil 

  5. I really like Pete, I love his music and I'll defend him when he's trash talked by people that couldn't name a single song of his or have no clue just how talented a poet the man is BUT…. as much as want him to stay clean I simply do not have faith at this time he'll be able to get off the H. He was trying HARD to smuggle shit in multiple times while he was in there and while I'm sure those first days are the hardest I just can't see him stopping now that he's out. 30 days is squat and he still has to wean off the methadone as well which is a bitch with withdrawals of their own if he misses one of his drinks. 3.5 Gs a day is a HUGE habit and a HUGE hunger. I wish him all the best and congratulate him for the effort but the fact of the matter is we'v seen him do re-hab numerous ties and claim clean only to relapse.  I think the worse thing he can do this early is to start lecturing people on what it's like to be clean and "you can do it"  as he's not done it yet himself. 

  6. Good luck pete well done for the rehab, anybody know the track i.d 40 seconds in?
    Please thumbs up so i find out. Peace and love to all

  7. I never heard Pete play until the headlines, but when I checked him out on some acoustic music on YOUTUBE the moment he touched the strings of his guitar I knew he had some sort of magic. At 60 years old and a lover of a wide variety of music i have heard a lot of music as well as seen over a thousand live performances and I knew at that first moment that he was a very talented man.

  8. Well done bilo. Toughest part is yet to come mi thinks when he's back to reality but I pray he keeps clean. I think he may just do that this time.

  9. Pete. I saw you at the Peace and Love festival in Sweden some years ago and it was real good. I mean REAL good. I will talk about that show forever. You're a fantastic musician and a real party fella. But take care of yourself, you hear?! I'lll meet you on the other side. Cheers.

  10. for the first time, i see he's really clean. he articulates better and his personal image and expression is brighter. i was always thinking how it's such a waste that his intelligence and kind heart might slowly destroy itself with using all the opiates, but this is great news! :)))

  11. I really hope everything works out for him. This is a perpetual battle without a cure, but there's a way to control it.

  12. I am so happy for him and hope that he will stay as positive and will make it trough the hard times after rehab! but I also have to shoutout to his waistcoat that was hanging in his room he still got that style going! 

  13. 6:40…fitting. haha, can't help but like this guy. good to see he's making an effort to get himself back on track. 

  14. god what a scum bag no one is on the mend when doing that shit once they have a habit that's it scumbag collage all the way that kid never disserved to die he did and I don't care what people say its freedom of speach

  15. Why can't we all live like that, all the time, without drugs, just beautiful nature and chillax-atmosspere?

  16. He could potentially be setting himself up for a nasty fall. He's only a couple of months clean. If he were to relapse, then that could have a very negative impact on his recovery. I'm surprised the rehab allowed him to do things like this. The whole world is watching now, and that seems unnecessary. Anyway, hope you're well, Pete.

  17. love this guy so much, brilliant musicion, talented guy, I started my detox dec 14, still goin strong, hope he gets it this time xxxx all best

  18. You can obviously tell he's clean, i mean look at him he's more chubby which is a good sign cause what drugs do is to suck your body and makes you look skinner as hell, I'm so glad that he decided to take this opportunity to recover himself and do what he loves.

  19. How it makes me happy to see him healthy,glowing,smiling,speaking clearly 🙂 look at his skin,his eyes,listen to his voice!
    Yesterday I watched "up the shambles". I did not for a long time,and I was really sad and disapointed I forgot how he was looking distructed…I was just thinking about his talent. But now he is an exemple. Hope he will be well,healthy,happy , because he deserves it, he is a really good person,a really kind man. I wish him the best possible.

  20. must be nice to be able to afford Hope Rehab……….shame the average addict is considered worthy of such treatment.

  21. all.pete can do is have faith in himself he needs to have faith in himself …. or he will join so many other people that died from drug use

  22. absoultly brilliant and beautiful if u carnt get clean there its never gonna happen,i would love that op i would give a arm for it and the same support

  23. You can tell a lot by the way somebody enters a swimming pool. The fact that Pete just dives in speaks volumes. .but seriously Pete you must be getting bored with opium by now. I mean I heard that after 10 years of it, it no longer has much of an affect on the person. If rehab doesn't work just go to the doctors and get a meth script and wean yourself off it slowly. .that's how I did it. After I'd finished I felt shit for about 2 or 3 days but it's nothing you can't handle. ..

  24. I just watched a documentary on YouTube where he was basically lit out of his mind the entire time. It's awesome to see him coherent. I hope he stays clean.

  25. You couldn't get a better advert for the facility. All the beauty and serenity accompanied by that music. I was always happy to see Pete with a little extra weight as it always meant he was off drugs. It was also nice to see all of The Libertines visit when he was last there. The hard part as he notes is when you're back in the old environment.

  26. Nice if you can afford it though. The rest of us get stuck in some NHS Rehab in the middle of Bradford where the food sucks and the other patients are hot headed street people that make your stay a nightmare. The only time you get outside is in a tiny concrete smoking section which is horrible when you don't smoke and the excursions consist of a walk around an industrial estate in Bradford. Then they send you home still rattling and in 2 days you're back using. That was my experience but I'm glad Pete cleaned up, this is not a "sour grapes" comment.

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