Pet Allergies – Dr. Butch Schroyer, Animal Care Clinic

ALLERGIES. TURNS OUT, PETS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TOO. DOCTOR BUTCH SCHROYER WITH THE ANIMAL CARE CLINIC IS HERE WITH SOME SIGNS AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT PET ALLERGIES. WELCOME. SO, PETS HAVE ALLERGIES, TOO? WHAT ARE SOME SIGNS WE NEED TO LOOK FOR IN OUR PETS? WHAT ARE PETS TYPICALLY ALLERGIC TO? HOW DO YOU TREAT PET ALLERGIES? ————————– ————————– ———— Pets are susceptible, just like people Allergies are caused by over-reaction of the body’s immune system to a foreign material, most often a protein Seasonal Allergies o Caused by reaction to histamine o People have most histamine receptors in nose & upper airways so we react with stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, etc. o Pets may sneeze as well, but have most of their histamine receptors in the skin, causing them to become very itchy o Pets scratch, releasing more histamines, and worsening the reaction o Left untreated, pet’s develop hot spots , and infectionso Just like for people, a variety of treatment options exist for pets Food Allergies o Pets can react to one particular thing or multipleo Can display signs similar to seasonal allergies , but occurs year round despite seasonal changes. May also display chronic ear infections or gastrointestinal problems.o Treatment can be a s simple as avoiding the one allergen that affects the pet, or may require specialized hypoallergenic food to address reactions to a broader scope of allergens If pet displays allergy symptoms, your vet can help narrow down the source and prescribe appropriate treatment THERE’S LOTS OF SUNSHINE TO ENJOY

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