Personal Statement for Medical School & Residency

It’s approaching another cycle for medical
school and residency applications, and that means getting the dreaded personal statement
in order. I’ll show you how to make your personal statement
stand out. What’s going on guys, Dr. Jubbal, Arguably the most daunting and challenging
part of the application process is writing your personal statement. While your GPA and test scores are already
set in stone and are very objective measurements of academic performance, the personal statement
is a creative expression of you as a person. The personal statement can make or break your
Application. A great one can open the door to an interview
for a mediocre applicant and a bad one can rule out even an applicant with top scores. And unlike your grades or MCAT or Step 1,
you have complete control over your personal statement at this point. In this video, we’ll go over tips to make
your personal statement stand out. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out
our personal statement blog posts on the Med School Insiders website. Link is in the description below. They have some additional information that
is not included in this video. First, answer the prompt. Before putting ink to paper, it’s important
that you consider the reason you are writing the personal statement. The questions you should be answering are
going to be some variation of the following: for medical school applicants; Why do you
want to go to medical school and become a doctor and what makes you a good fit to be
a doctor? For residency applicant: Why do you want to
go into this specialty and what makes you a good fit? Everyone has their own unique and personal
reasons. Figure out what yours are and be sure that
your essay is focused around supporting these reasons. Number 2, read examples. The hardest part in writing your personal
statement is just starting. It’s important to just write something, anything
and not judge yourself in the process. You can always go back and make edits. Getting ideas down on paper is the most challenging
part, but it is also the most crucial part. Everything else will just open up from there. That being said, I also found it incredibly
helpful to find example personal statements. Look at the good, the bad and the ugly and
curiously examine what makes an essay good or bad. What aspects did you like? What aspects did you not like? I’ve placed a link in the description below
to some books with personal statement examples. This is a great place to start. Number three, Organization is key. This may seem obvious but it is often overlooked. Treat your personal statement like any other
English essay you have written. In other words, frame It around a thesis,
with body paragraphs corresponding to support the thesis and then closing with a conclusion
to bring it all together. Without proper organization, Personal statements
come off as loosely thrown together and readers quickly lose interest. Number four, show, don’t tell. Admissions committee members are reading thousands
of personal statements. You want to tell an engaging and captivating
story. One way you definitely won’t is if you tell
the reader how motivated driven and passionate you are about medicine. Instead, tell a story or an anecdote and use
that to demonstrate desirable qualities you wish to portray. I have a friend who wrote a killer personal
statement that centered around her practice of the violin and how that made her an excellent
applicant. It was memorable, unique and told a story
of how violent would make her a great fit. She did not just list qualities. Number five, simple is sometimes better. Don’t feel like you have to write the best
personal statement the world has ever seen. Students sometimes get too creative and end
up with a personal statement that does more harm than good. Your main focus should be presenting a coherent
piece on why you want to go to medical school and why you will be a good physician. Focusing on complex sentence structure and
extravagant word choice will only take away from convincing your reader. Admissions committee members can easily spot
when you’re using a thesaurus and it doesn’t reflect well on you. Number six, get eyes on your paper. Reviewing is arguably the most important part
of the process. Everyone knows that they should have a few
people read their personal statement for feedback. While sharing it with your friends and family
is definitely useful, after writing both my medical school and residency personal statements,
I have learned that friends are inherently biased. They usually want to be nice and supportive
and they can give good general feedback and grammatical fixes but they aren’t the ones
that are going to tear up your essay, be honest, have the experience and tell you what you
don’t want to hear. And some times we need that. While friends and family are helpful, there
are two important groups that you should get your personal statement reviewed by. The first is a mentor of some sort. Ideally you want to find someone who has served
on the admissions committee in the past. They understand what makes a good or bad personal
statement from experience. They know you on a professional level but
they aren’t as invested as friends. I was lucky to find a faculty member who read
through hundreds of personal statements every single year. He was also known for being somewhat of a
scary person, but that’s a good thing. Many people told me that my essay was good,
but he was brutally honest and told me to rewrite the whole thing. This was just days before it was due, and
I’m glad he did because after rewriting it, the essay was much much stronger. It’s important not to take harsh feedback
or criticism personally as this usually is the most useful feedback you will receive. The second group would be a professional essay
editing service. Again, I made the investment and my essay
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I will see you guys in that next one.

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