People Pronounce Medical Terms

– I’m not a doctor! (bell rings) – I feel like it has
something to do with the butt. – It’s an ADHD problem. – Being born with an extra of something. – It’s like you got a bad butt. – A name of one of your ribs. Okay, so I was pretty close. (buzzer sounds) (bell rings) – I’m guessing if you have chole…thiasis (buzzer sounds) it’s not a good thing. – Colon is acting up. – You have two weeks left. – Maybe it’s like an
advanced stage of cholera. – It has something to do with the groin, pimples, and pus and… – It has the word “chote” in it, so… – Eats you from that area outwards. – Oh, the common bile duct. – The tissue in your ankle isn’t as spongy as it’s supposed to be. – It’s when you spontaneously
mess up your ankle. – The medical term for cankles. – These words are tricky, they trick you. (bell rings) – Really? Get the (beep) out! Yes! – That sounds like a Harry Potter spell. – I think this is when
your body overheats. – You’re like temporarily paralyzed. – This is when your parents tell you that they’re only going to
be your parents temporarily. – Be like that kind of thing? – Is that that? – Yeah, there. – I think this measures the
amount of phlegm in your throat. – Measures how much of a man you are. – Something in your ear
that senses balance. – It’s measuring the amount of bull (beep) that men say every day. – I feel like they could have just called it a blood measuring device. – And my roommate, who was
in med school during college, I can see why he was so stressed out about learning flashcards all the time. – Make it code, I don’t care, because keep doing what you do. – Sphygmomanometer (“Mahna
Mahna” by The Muppets) That’s all I got.

100 thoughts on “People Pronounce Medical Terms

  1. is it weird to get all the words right without being a greek, a med student or whatever. 😂 just a bookworm, that's all.

  2. LOL…I've had gall stones for ten years and am going to school to be a surgeon and I still can't pronounce Choledocholithiasis

  3. I find this hilarious because I go to Vet school and I remember I couldn't pronounce HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY (HE) or Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) I think it's fun to say these words especially when I'm trying to roast someone and they are trying to roast me so I just throw out some random words in the medical language

  4. they'd get more of them right if they paid attention during ancient Greece class, you learn root words which will help u guess these

  5. I can explane all the words, but can't pronounced in that strange English…because are all Greek (almost) words.
    borborygmi = βορβορυγμοί
    choledocholithiasis = χολυδοχολυθίασις
    ankylosing spondylitis = αγκυλωτική σπονδυλίτις
    sphygmomanometer = σφυγμομανόμετρον

  6. I had medical words in a reading test, the person said don't worry, very few people actually read it right, turns out without medical word I have a reading age of 16+ and I'm ten

  7. A year ago I showed this to my brother but now I guess this is not a problem to my brother since he is a medical student

  8. My prof definitely played the Manamana Muppets song when we were studying vessel pressures and screwing around with BP cuffs. Nice work, Andrew.

  9. Who else was waiting for Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis to show up?

    Just me?
    All right…😣

  10. When it comes to big words regardless of where they come from, if i don't know them i always try to break them up in to multiple pieces so i can go through it easier.

  11. Couple other cool ones:
    Jejunojejunal intussusception – when a section of the middle part of the small intestine (jejunum) slides into itself
    Erythrocytapheresis – separating red blood cells (erythrocytes – erythro means red, cyte means cell) from whole blood
    Epipodophyllotoxins – the name for some anti-cancer drugs from the podophyllum plant (toxins that form on/above (epi) the podophyllum plant)
    Cheilognathopalatoschisis – birth defect wherein the lip (cheilo), the jaw (gnatho) and the soft palate (palato) are split (schisis)

  12. Choledocholithiasis- Oh, swap the O and L and you get my name 🙂

    And I just realised that nobody cares 🙁

  13. We made an interesting video on medical terms and abbreviations. If anyone wants to learn some common medical terms used in the everyday medical world.

  14. i know how to say all these and know what they mean and im only 15 then again both my parents are doctors soo i guess i would have an advantage

  15. I'm sorry but raising your eyebrows is not the fx of temporoparietalis muscle. It is occipitofrontalis muscle. TP muscle raises ears and helps OF to wrinkle your forehead.
    You are welcome buzzfeed.

  16. I know this video was long before Zach had his diagnosis, but he has ankylosing spondalitis, so I knew exactly how to pronounce that. 🙁

  17. Ankylosing Spondylitis …… this vid had a weird foreboding of Zach's medical life…… out of everything they could have chosen 😛 XD

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