Penn State Rec Fest – Penn State Health Rehabilitation Hospital

[ Music ]>>We are here at the Penn State Health RecFest
event. It’s our second annual event, and it’s really
an exposition for the community but for persons with disabilities to have exposure to recreation
and sport and a number of the resources and opportunities that are available to us throughout
Penn State Harrisburg, Harrisburg community but as well the larger community. It’s an opportunity to bring sports and adapted
recreation to those with disabilities as well as to share those resources with able-bodied
people and really to give back to the community.>>I think it’s very good for people with
disabilities to come and learn about all the things that they can do. They’ve shown me a whole new world of things
that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do again.>>We’re excited that they get a chance to
try the equipment out. They’re excited. I mean, the smiles on their faces, you could
just see it. I mean, they glow.>>Great venue to be able to bring lots of
different folks from different disciplines all with a similar passion to help people
with disabilities fully engage in life.>>What I’d like people to know about RecFest
is that we’re here and encourage the whole community to get out and support and increase
that participation, the awareness, the need for adaptive sports.>>I think visionary wise we see an opportunity
to have RecFest across every Penn State campus in the state as well as be able to network
with other organizations.>>All of us have a chance to give back to
the community, and we would love for the community to recognize opportunities to give back to
folks around them.>>I learned stuff. I got to try stuff. I got to continue trying things that I had
tried before, get even better at them. So it was pretty fun.>>It’s not always blood. It’s what you have in your heart. And Penn State Rehab is a new part of my heart. This really is making sure that people with
disabilities can live that everyday life. They can really be a part of the community. So I would encourage anyone who can to help
sponsor this event next year. It’s an amazing event.

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