Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center Groundbreaking

We’re here today to celebrate the
official groundbreaking for THIS… [Cheers and clapping]>>Today we’re delivering on our promise you’ll
remember more than a year ago where we introduced this new relationship. We made
a promise to this community. To the communities that we’re serving in
Central Pennsylvania. We said, we’re gonna bring affordable, high quality, health
care to you where you are and today is just an example of what we’re delivering
with this great site.>>So there’s a great number of people in this area who don’t
have the ability to make that trip, that drive over to Hershey or choose not to.
This way, they have the opportunity to get the Penn State Health care on the
West Shore.>>It’s going to be amazing. The people here in this community will be
able to access much of the expertise that they currently now have to come to
the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center for and be able to have that close to home
and oftentimes, if they have to be hospitalized, they’ll be able
to now be hospitalized close to home, closer to their families and closer to
those social support structures that are really such an important part of the
healing process. 1 – 2 – 3… [Clapping] [Music]

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