Penn State Children’s Hospital – Preparing a child for surgery

To help you and your child prepare for
the surgery day we had developed this video. This video follows the process
of falling asleep by breathing anesthesia through a mask. Anesthesia can also be given through an IV. On the day of surgery your anesthesiologist will
assess your child needs and come up with the best plan. Now that you found out that you’re having surgery watch this video to find out more. Lots of children come
to the hospital to have surgery just like you. We’re here to help make your
experience as comfortable as possible. When you first arrive at the hospital go
to the admissions desk they will check you in and ask your name and birthday.
You’ll get an ID bracelet on your arm that you will wear the entire time
you’re in the hospital Your parent or caregiver will wear the same ID bracelet too. Next you will walk to the surgery unit. Your family member will receive a pager so
the doctors will always have a way to contact them. Before walking to your
pre-op room you will stop to see how much you weigh and how tall you are. Then you will put on special pajamas to wear all day. It is really important to not
eat or drink anything while waiting. If you want you can choose a toy from the
playroom to take to your room. Next the nurse will listen to your heart, check your temperature and check your
blood pressure. Everyone wants to know who you are so you’ll be asked your name
and birthday many times. Before surgery you will meet a child life specialist.
Your child life specialist will show you the mask that you will breathe
medicine through to fall asleep before surgery You will even have a choice of what flavor to put into your mask to make the medicine smell better. The Child Life Specialist
wants you to understand why you’re here for surgery and explain what you will
see next. It’s normal to feel nervous at the hospital. But while you wait for surgery your child life
specialist can bring an activity for you to do. There are many doctors that
will care for you today. A surgeon is the doctor that will
perform your operation. An anesthesiologist is the doctor that will
give you medicine that makes your body sleep through the entire surgery. You may
get medicine to drink while waiting that will make you feel silly or tired. That’s what the medicine is
supposed to do! We want you to feel relaxed. You and your family member will
wait in this room until your operating room is ready. When it is time to go to the
operating room, a doctor will transport you in your bed, talk to your
anesthesiologist on the day of surgery about your parent or caregiver walking
into the operating room with you. In the operating room you will move on to a
different bed. The doctors and nurses will be wearing hats and masks. They need to wear special clothes just like you. What color are the clothes in this picture? Be sure to look for the bright lights
above your bed! Once everything is ready you will take a deep breath and blow
into the mask like you are blowing a huge bubble. After a couple of breaths
you’ll get very tired and fall asleep. The medicine will make you sleep through
your whole surgery. After surgery you will be moved to our recovery area. We
call this the PACU. The PACU is where you will wake up with your family members
sitting beside you. When you wake up there will be a small straw taped to your
arm or your hand. This is called an IV. After surgery, it is normal to feel tired. If
anything hurts when you wake up the nurses will use a pain scale with faces
on it and can give you some medicine through your IV these to help make you
feel better. It is really important to eat and drink after surgery to make sure
you feel ok before you go home. Before going home the nurse or remove your IV
and make sure your family member understands what to do after leaving the
hospital. Hooray! You are so brave! Now you were all ready to go home. For
more information about how to prepare your child for surgery please
contact a child life specialist to schedule a presurgical tour.

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