Pedro’s testimonial about hair transplant in Turkey at Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic -Quick Quiz

Name Surname -Have you ever been interviewed before?
Not yet -Where are you from?
I am from Portugal -Why Istanbul?
Because of the conditions that i saw and the price seemed affordable. -What did you most like about Istanbul?
The kebabs are good. -Why did you choose Doctor Serkan Aygin’s clinic?
Because I’ve seen many reviews of what they do, and from the written comments they look good. -What are your favorite features about this clinic?
The staff is friendly, the staff is very accommodating and they have good conditions that you can see. -When did your hair loss started?
Around the age of sixteen, seventeen. -What do you think will change in your life after this operation?
I hope to have more hair, at least that. -What is your favorite food? It must be with meat, meat is good.

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