Pediatric Urologist Nora Kern, MD

My name is Nora Kern. I’m a pediatric urologist in the department
of urology. I treat children with congenital abnormalities
of the kidneys, the bladder, the penis, and the testicles, for the most part. I was always interested in medicine from an
early age. My father was an ER physician in my local
hometown. And it was a really small town so it was easy
to sort of see the impact that he had our community. I always thought that I wanted to do a surgical
field, and so urology is a very subspecialized field in surgery. As I was doing my training, I learned that
I really loved treating kids. Within my field, there’s various techniques
that we use to treat various conditions, but robotic surgery has become a really large
part of what we do as surgeons. I really enjoy the surgery itself. I feel like that’s probably my niche of what
I enjoy doing. You know, I’m really passionate about the
kids that I treat. I feel like it’s a really important job of
what I have to do. We’re not just treating the kids, but we’re
treating the families. And that’s a really different aspect of medicine
that I deal with in my career, but I love it. I think that medicine is all about the whole,
and not just one person. So I really enjoy that part of what I do.

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