Pediatric Residency at the UVM Medical Center

(upbeat music) While our residency program may appear quantitatively on the smaller side, qualitatively, what we
do is extraordinary. There is great leadership here and a lot of faculty that really are nationally known,
internationally known. Residents are able to train in an academically rigorous environment, yet it’s a very personalized setting, where they are getting close mentoring by faculty who really treasure
taking care of patients. Despite being a small hospital, there is a huge variety of patients here. Burlington is a
refugee resettlement hub, therefore, we have a lot of minority populations through that program. It’s kind of like this
triangle, where random things, just things you would only expect to see in a textbook, that show up here. As an individual who
doesn’t know necessarily what I want to do with my
pediatric medical career, UVM and Burlington have really offered other things that I
didn’t even know about. As we train pediatricians
for the 21st century, teaching and learning are a
major strength for this program. The faculty hallway, if
they’re in their office, their doors are open,
which is really nice. So, I can walk down and just stick my head in a faculty’s office and
just run a case by them, even if they’re not on service, that they are willing
to talk through with me. Because they train in an environment that values that family-centered care, when they go out to other places, they bring that authenticity
of the patient visit with them, and they become great role models for how to have excellent bedside manner. They really shaped some of the scripts that I use when I talk to patients, but they also are just people who I really aspire to be like,
and I’m really thankful that, they told me I can still
call them when I’m gone, cause they’ve really meant a
lot over the last three years. The biggest reward for
me, as program director, is seeing each individual resident develop into a skilled,
autonomous pediatrician. Whether it is working in
an under-served community as a preventative pediatrician, or going to a large academic center and training in a
fellowship sub-specialty, our residence are definitely
ready for that next step. – People really cared about
what was going on in your life, outside of work, outside of the hospital, and that sort of collegial
environment between attendings, professors, medical students, residents, all of it was just a very
comfortable environment. I moved here not knowing anyone, and my classmates, my co-residents, became definitely family. With a family, it was a little bit more challenging to kind
of think about moving across the country,
from New Mexico to here, with two kids and my wife and her career. However, once we got here and got settled, we found that Burlington
is just a fabulous place for families, for young children. The school systems are great. We’ve just absolutely
enjoyed every moment of it. I love the waterfront,
I love the bike path, I love all of the festivals that we have. I’ve been at other institutions where people treat their
job like it’s a job, but here, people treat their job like it’s a passion and that’s contagious. I chose to come here and what I’ve been seeing everyday so far, is that this place combines both excellent clinical training with
really diverse patient cases, together with people who are both brilliant and really humble and, to me, those are the
kinds of people who I want to learn to be a pediatrician from. I would choose this 100 times over, so I hope that other people get to see what we think is so special.

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