Pediatric Radiology Innovations at Phoenix Children’s Hospital | A Philips Customer Story

[Music] Phoenix Children’s Hospital as an institution is evolving our job is to take care of children of all sizes where each of those have different sensitivities and needs examining children on a daily basis is somewhat challenging we’re looking at things in earlier stages may be more subtle disease in a child then an adult might have the main objective is getting the best images so that we can make a diagnosis in as few imaging modalities as possible the most sensitive people to radiation are children because they’re growing so we have to follow that with dosing that relates to their size with Philips technology knowing that the imaging can be immediately transferred and understood is key to that patients care you see the each of the little valve the importance of sharing information in healthcare is extreme the portal is that connecting piece the images are transported electronically to the 3d Innovation Lab we can do any manner of post-processing in any axis any plane to help us unravel the diagnosis out of the anatomy that we’re looking at we can even produce a 3d model of a cardiac patients heart [Music] the surgeon can actually turn the structures around to help understand the anatomy better and they’re also used to give to the patient to see a child hold a model of their heart in their hand and a parent witness that is amazing to share part of their health care just pulls at your heartstrings they are so resilient they’re fabulous our relationship with philips has improved all aspects of our department it’s just a matter of pushing ourselves to do the best we can for every child that walks into place it’s privileged [Music] innovation and you Philips

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