Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic at BMC

Valentine was a joy to work with it was
so fun as a physician being involved with his care because he was really
engaged really interested in hearing about how he could lower his cholesterol
and it was also terrific because he’s someone who had a lot of response he
really was able to make a lot of the changes that we recommended I had to put
a lot more conscious effort into acknowledging what I eat and so ever
since I started coming to this clinic I was kind of advised to kind of move away
from that fat and different things that would cause bad cholesterol and to
actively make that choice wherever I go and I feel like just have having that control and
actually doing that it’s been very helpful for changing my lifestyle and
with the results I’ve been seeing have also been like kind of indicating that
way our focus really is on keeping kids healthy and we want them to grow up and
to be healthy adults we know that when adults have high blood pressure and high
cholesterol there’s at risk for things like heart attacks and strokes and we
want to make sure that all the kids that we take care of never have to deal with
those problems most patients that we see in clinic are being referred to us
because of high blood pressure or high cholesterol we want to fix those high
blood pressure and high cholesterol issues now so that it doesn’t become an
issue for them later on in life we need to be multidisciplinary to accomplish
this because most of our treatments for these problems in kids are not with
medicine there with optimizing their activity level and merely helping them
examine their lives and giving them some tips about how they can be as healthy as
possible I’ve made a lot more attempts to becoming more active I’ve joined a
lot of intramural sports teams I’m in three intramural sports teams right now
so I’ve made a lot of dietary changes too we have a wonderful team here we are
a team of dietitians nurses patient navigators all trying to address all the
things that people need to be healthy you’ll meet every visit with a dietician
who will really take a specific detailed dietary history and then you meet with a
physician at every visit and really try to come up with an individualized
prescription that takes into account a lot of these different variables I was
really happy that a lot of like the staff members here like do remember me
they do know who I am we can keep up a lot of the same conversation because up
from last time too so that’s like one of the main things I really do like about
this clinic so I went into pediatrics really because I wanted to take care
of kids to make sure they had long and healthy lives and then focus really on
cardiology because I wanted to make sure that even kids with congenital heart
disease were not limited in their ability to play and grow and do all the
things that they wanted to do and such a gift to be able to enter people’s lives
and then could feel like you really have something to offer it’s very rewarding
so I think that’s really what keeps me coming back every day

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