Pediatric Pain Clinic

the pediatric pain clinic is basically
designed for any child who has chronic pain and what we mean by chronic pain is
that anything that doesn’t resolve within what the average person would consider
reasonable time frame so once you’ve seen your regular doctor and it’s not
getting any better then we actually want you to come see us my name is Dr. Caitlin Neri i am a
pediatric specialist here at Boston Medical Center the focus of my clinical
work here is in the division of pediatric hematology my other clinical
interest is in pediatric pain medicine and i am the medical director for the
pediatric pain clinic here where we treat painful conditions in childhood
including pain from sickle cell disease and other types of musculoskeletal pain
we also manage children with chronic headaches migraines headaches tension
headaches chronic abdominal pain we managed chest pain back pain really any
type of painful condition that’s troublesome to the child and family and
we have made available to our patients a range of integrative therapies that are
effective in management of pain such as acupuncture massage aromatherapy and
others the folks who work in the clinic is myself I’m the pain clinic physician
and so I’m the one to do the physical exams and prescribe medications review
medical workups order lab tests if that’s necessary we have a pediatric pain
psychologist Dr. Laura Goldstein she has special training in the non medicine
strategies to manage pain and children we have an integrated nurse educator
Christine Naoum-Heffernan and she is our nurse coordinator so kind of is the
point of contact for the families but also helps us with her expertise in
integrative therapies and then finally we have a physical therapist who is able
to assess all of our patients for musculoskeletal issues and it helps us
prescribe exercise programs and sometimes skilled PT if that’s necessary we work very closely together that is
the goal of the pain clinic we meet initially with the families all together
we want to get the same story often times families come in and having
gone to multiple doctors and having some you know some negative experiences with
their pain because it can be so debilitating and so we like to be very
supportive and to hear everything that that has gone on subsequent to that then
we’re going to start adding in our integrative therapies it’s completely
customizable to the person so it’s not cookie cutter approach you’re not gonna
get the same thing every single time we’re going to have you explore
different things learn and then be able to take that and applying to real life
we actually see this as a really exciting opportunity for you to
experience a whole bunch of modalities that you would not normally be able to
experience emotions stress lots of things can interfere with our
lives and can worsen pain so my role is to help the kids really control their
pain and the way I do that is teaching relaxation strategies deep breathing
meditation i do bio-feedback were kids can actually see on a computer when
they’re more stressed and when they’re more relaxed so they can use those
strategies at home one of the reasons we have this interdisciplinary team is that
we’re here to support you to support your child and the family to
help heal from this pain that has sometimes just taken over the life of
the whole family I also tell my patients that I need to
do something every day to help yourself to get better from this pain so that
might mean going to physical therapy or doing yoga at home doing your relaxation
or breathing exercises at night eating a healthy diet it is really important that gaining
control of this pain really takes a presence in daily life and that’s that’s
what this team is here to support yeah it’s more than title you know you
know where we’re here to have your back that’s it

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