Peace Corps Reponse Volunteer Works on Drug Rehabilitation Planning in the Philippines

My job is as a drug-planning officer, working
here at Malinao Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, and my responsibilities are related
to developing a needs assessment. I’m a licensed clinical social worker. I’ve
been practicing or in the profession for over 25 years, and I worked there with drug, substance-abusing
women and was part of a substance abuse team, ad we developed new services that were designed
specifically for women using drugs and alcohol. And after that I did more work in county government
around violence against women and working with stakeholders to address the system response
to domestic and sexual violence. And then I worked in a state university in Virginia.
And I think all those experiences prepared me not only for doing the direct work with
clients, but also for understanding systems and policies and procedures that help make
services more effective or more coordinated. And so Janett will be coming in with her technical
expertise, specifically in areas of case management of the drug-dependents. That is going to be
the core of her project. I would always tell Janett that Janett is
really heaven-sent to us. I had actually been interested in the Peace
Corps for some time, and there was actually a presentation by someone from Peace Corps,
and they were doing just general recruiting. But when he was there he mentioned that Peace
Corps was in development of this new program for older folks that had more technical expertise,
and that they anticipated launching it at some point in the future.
I actually was volunteering in Haiti and checked the Peace Corps website and saw the press
release for the program– and that was in January 2012.
I felt like this program was a really great match for folks that are at a later point
in their career, who have professional experience. This provided that opportunity to channel
that expertise an experience into a specific job in another country, and not having to
do the two year service that allowed me a chance to sort of get on the ground pretty
quickly and be able to start doing some of the work here.

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  1. to process if you have one friend of mind or a relatives should really need help for drug addiction..pls any one can help..Thank u

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