PDA: Pharmacy technicians should sit a GPhC registration exam

If we want pharmacists to engage in patient-facing
roles and become much more clinical in what they do, if we want them to develop pharmaceutical
care in the way that all pharmacists want to do, the only way that’s going to be possible
is by being able to delegate tasks to pharmacy technicians.
At the moment pharmacists delegating tasks to pharmacy technicians put themselves at
risk. So we want to increase the standard of pharmacy technician education, we want
them to have higher O levels, we want them to have NVQ level four, and importantly we
want them to have the registration exam because we want there to be a benchmark standard that
we can rely on, which will enable pharmacists to delegate tasks to pharmacy technicians.
We want them to develop as an important adjunct in pharmacy services to enable pharmacists
to develop and deliver new and exciting roles around pharmaceutical care.

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