Paul’s Dental Implant Story: Treating Underbite with Dental Implants

Well I had for years, an under bite , a mal-occlusion,
and over the course of time my teeth, wore each other out and so I got to a point of
pain For a number of years, I really didn’t have
a smile, I had worn my teeth down to the extent that when I smiled the teeth didn’t show.
So I didn’t smile I did light research. I compared a couple
different companies, I looked at consumer information, about the different clinics
Once referred from the dental office, I did go in for a consultation and evaluated my
options. I came back for a second consultation and
decided to move forward. I’ve invested in a number of things in my
life, some good, some bad and I could easily justify the investment in myself
I fortunately don’t recall the procedure itself in terms of removing the teeth. I remember
being in the room. I didn’t have any pain, I think they managed that fairly well.
I was given pain medication that I did take every 4-6 hours so I didn’t have to deal with
the pain. And the next day, I didn’t have any.
There are hygienic issues that you got to pay attention to more so than you would do
with natural teeth. Water flossing twice/day it’s relatively easy to fit in becomes part
of your routine. The other thing for me and I don’t know how
significant this is for other people, because I did have the corrective procedure of fixing
the under bite I had to get used to enunciating with this device in my mouth because it is
different than my teeth and that took a little while to get used to so it didn’t sound like
I was talking with a lisp…that also can be overcome you get used to it you get used
to the enunciation pattern you have to develop to speak clearly.
I didn’t eat certain foods because I knew I couldn’t bite down in the front. I didn’t
eat corn on the cob and things like that. there’s nothing I can’t eat now. There’s nothing
I haven’t eaten that I’ve wanted to. People who haven’t seen me in quite a while
say wow, You look younger It has impacted the way people feel about
interacting with me, whether it’s in the office or kids friends family church friends people
are perceiving that I’m more open and approachable I’ve got a smile again. I think it gives me
as a Professional an image that is critical. People find me more approachable which is
very important because in an executive role I’ve got a responsibility and I’ve got a tough
job to do and all that but when you add a smile to it people find whether you’re more
friendly or not, people have a sense that you are and therefore more approachable and
easier to work with and they have a different perception of you whether you’re doing things
differently or not. I think this is very helpful in terms of the perception people have of
me whether it’s personal or professional They take good care of me.
service was excellent. I thought the Staff is very friendly. Dr. voit is very very personable.
certainly if you can afford it I would recommend it. It’s been a slam dunk.

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