Paul Bakanowski | CABG Heart Surgery | Rose Medical Center

My name is Paul Bakanowski. I’m a post-
CABG patient. I had two vessels redone in April of 2017. Now I
consider to be recovered from that part of it– back to the active, physical life.
This was actually just part of a regular physical. I had gone in there, had mild
hypertension, mildly elevated cholesterol. My calcium scores were fairly high so
they recommended I go see a cardiologist. When I came to Denver Heart and saw Dr.
Mehta who recommend that I do the exercise treadmill test to see if there
was any any problems with the heart. When I was doing the treadmill test there
were some abnormalities noted so they recommended at that point that I get an
appointment to have a cardiac cath done. So I came here to Rose for the cardiac
cath procedure. They went in and they found some significant blockage in two
vessels and they said because of the location of the block that they weren’t
able to put in stents and they said the probably more viable option would be to
get the bypass procedure done. So I went in the hospital April 30th and
by the next week Tuesday I was out and scheduled for cardiac rehab. Surprisingly going into it I felt myself symptom-free but I would notice that after a couple
of miles walking and maybe I was walking a little slower then I thought I had been.
Now I got the speed back, the pep in the step, able to move quicker. People are
very good –very supportive –both professionally and personally they got
me going again. I came back much faster than I expected. Within two and a half
months of finishing the the surgery, I was off on vacation. That was one of the
biggest questions I asked Dr. Firstenberg is will I be able to go on this trip in two and a half months. He said “oh sure.” It was easier than what I expected in
most ways but again a lot of it I have to attribute to the PT people here with the
cardiac exercise. The nurses on 4Central are astounding. To the whole, the
cardiovascular department performed outstandingly, I think. They were just
really excellent. I’m back to exercising four or five
times a week. I don’t feel like I’m 26 but I do feel really good. I would be an
advocate for making sure that people see their physicians, that they have a
primary care, that they they get those checkups because this was something I
wouldn’t have picked up any other way. Following through with the with a group
of physicians and practices that interact with each other. You know Dr. Firstenberg’s practice interacted very well with Dr. Mehta’s practice
and they interacted very well with the hospital. So I got that–I think– complete circle of care.

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