Patricia Schultz, NP – Rush University Medical Center

I’m a nurse practitioner in the walk-in
clinic. We’re a team of nurse practitioners and
physician assistants who provide care to patients who need same-day evaluation — things that
they’d like to get in to see someone for on an urgent basis. We see patients who are in the Rush system
who may have a primary care provider here or a specialist, and it’s nice when they’re
in the Rush system because those physicians that are here can also see our notes and we
can see what else is going on with the patient. If a patient comes in from the community,
then we facilitate those referrals to a primary care provider or any specialty, if needed. I’ve been here my whole career — as nurse
on a general medical floor, intensive care to a primary care office. And I learned from some of the best physicians
that we’ve had in all specialties and in primary care. And so I’ve taken all of that experience
and now can apply it to some of the simple problems that come in to the walk-in, but
also things that might be a little bit more complex. When we see patients, they just feel terrible. They’re usually pretty sick or in pain or
would like an answer. And so for them to be able to come in on their
schedule and have somebody do an assessment and give them a treatment plan and walk out
the door, they feel satisfied and that’s gratifying for me.

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