Patient Testimonial- Local moms have amazing birth experience at Northwest Medical Center.

(uplifting music) – Three of my sister-in-laws, including me for pregnant at the same time and ended up all delivering
here at Northwest. So I had Eva, November and
Nicole had Ellen, December and Jami had Dominic in January and Kelsey had Camden in March. – It was great experiencing
all of that with them together. My doctor delivers here and then I took a tour and I loved it. I Loved the nurses, they
were just so helpful through that time where you
have no idea what to do. – This is my first child,
so I needed to feel safe and feel like she was going to be born in a place that she was protected. The fact that they did have
a neonatal care unit here was very important to me, you
never know what can happen. Things can change in the blink of an eye so it was very important to
have the neonatal care unit here in NorthWest Medical Center. – I was comfortable here, I
remember when I was getting the epidural, the nurse,
I will never forget her. She’s like rubbing my
back ’cause I was crying. ‘Cause I had nobody in there with me, just rubbing my back the whole time. I’ll never forget her face. Having the lactation specialist come in, that really helped me too, because he had a hard time
latching on, so they were great. – The private rooms, also
were very nice to have during such a personal moment. This is my fourth C-section
so it was scheduled so I came in in the morning, I had my hair and makeup done and a
photographer with us. And she got to capture the prep moments and our nurses in there were so amazing, just telling us how the
process was gonna work. – Well every time I came
back for my sister-in-laws, the nurses remembered who
I was, so that was nice that they remembered my face
and asked me how my baby was. – [Kelsey] I think just
one-on-one time with your baby for the first time is so wonderful and I’ll always remember my
hospital visit because of that. – [Nicole] One thing about my
experience that I would share with other mothers is that I
all-around felt very supported and cared for and nurtured during a time where I really needed that support. I would absolutely recommend
Northwest Medical Center. (uplifting music)

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