Patient Story: Pregnancy at Corona Regional Medical Center

The reason why I chose Corona Regional to have my baby is I heard nothing but good things about their maternity department. I knew I wanted to have my baby there. When we found out that we we’re pregnant it wasn’t too long that my sister had her baby there at Corona Regional and I got to
experience that firsthand. I got to see her baby be born. Seeing firsthand what my
sister went through, I wanted to have my baby at Corona Regional as well. It was very important for me to have my baby at a baby-friendly hospital. How the baby stays with you, they
really encourage breastfeeding, mother and father bonding.The baby stays with you in the room so you know at all times where your baby is at. It was important for me to have that same experience. The doctors and nurses were amazing. The nurses, when I checked in, they were super helpful. They kept me calm and walked me
through the process and explained everything that they were doing. It was
really helpful. Asked if I needed anything. I feel Corona Regional does provide
female-focused care. All my nurses in labor and delivery and postpartum were
female. Before being discharged I met with a nurse with the Baby Connection
and she gave me her business card. Three days after having the baby I did make an
appointment there was some concern about if he was eating enough. I met with one of the nurses there and she was super helpful with the breastfeeding technique. I would definitely recommend my friends and
families to have their babies at Corona Regional Medical Center. I think it’s the
care that you receive and the people there that make the difference

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