Patient Stories: Kristin Finally Gets Results

Okay, so I came to Dr. G, Dr. Gerenger, after years of going to doctors for the same problems, stomach pain, joint pain, just digestion, issues, sluggishness and look probably like the sixth, last six or seven years, I’d have blood work done and everything will be fine. The doctors were just telling me No, you’re good, you’re good. And so it’s been years of feeling like a completely different person, not my normal self. And so, thankfully, I came across her in her own neighborhood, at the recommendation of somebody else, actually. And so I just am beyond wowed and impressed with how much time she puts in, even leading up to before I even get here, she’s already gone through my labs. She’s already like, analyzed everything. I’ve never met somebody so in love with blood work before, and I love it. It’s like almost a scientist and a doctor in one and I just, I love I absolutely love it. So she walks through every single blood result there is, you know, what a normal range shows what a preferable reach should be, how things relate to each other. And it’s just, it’s what I’ve been wanting, like all along, I never thought that actually exists in a doctor, but I’m so so grateful for it. So she’s helped me take a very conservative approach because I’m very anti like medication and, you know, take this, take that blah, blah, blah. So she’s very respectful of that and has laid out an action plan, at the end of the times that I’ve met with her, she summarizes everything okay, she should do this, and this and this, again, all super conservative, and then kind of report back to see how things are going. So I am so beyond pleased and happy with all of the service that she’s given me. I’d recommend her to anybody. Truly, truly she cares about her patients. So I’m just I feel very lucky. Thank you.

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