Patient Safety Huddle at Memorial Hospital of Tampa

– In fall 2017 we started
doing a bed management huddle and it also focused around
our safety initiatives here at our facility. Let’s go ahead and get
started with our huddle. We’ll start off with a mission
moment or a good catch…. – It gives us an opportunity
for all the directors and the nursing units and
the ancillary directors to come together to talk
about the patient census, staffing concerns, our staffing grid. – The patient safety huddle
is important to us in surgery. It keeps us connected with
the rest of the hospital. Our day-to-day operations we
tend to be somewhat siloed. So this helps us stay connected
with the nursing units, the pharmacy, quality and safety so that they know what’s
happening in our units and we know what’s going on out
in the rest of the facility. – HT as an organization,
safety first for us. And whether that’s our
patients or our staff, safety is of the utmost importance. And talking about these
safety measures everyday keeps it at the forefront
of our thought process ensuring we have the best outcomes. And with the safety huddles we are able to do that on a daily basis. – We did this because
we often found ourselves in departments in certain
areas talking with patient care teams,
but we realized quickly that we needed to all be together because we all make an
impact on how safety and care is delivered to our patients. – The huddle has allowed us to
all cohesively come together and work as a team. It’s not Infection
Control’s responsibility, it’s not Radiology’s responsibility, we are owning everything as a group. – We all have our specific set of metrics but in the bigger picture
they’re all interrelated and this is huge because
it allows me to kind of get a better understanding
of what they’re striving for and how I affect that. For the operating room yesterday’s numbers we had 18 on-time starts, average turnaround time was 27 minutes…. – From the moment we
started these safety huddles I have seen a significant decrease in the admitted length of stay
for our admission patients. – We have reduced our hospital acquired
infections significantly. And since we’ve started our huddles, it’s been transparent. So whenever we have something
that we need to look at we’re looking at it as as a group. And the bottom line is it
goes back to patient safety. We have prevented HAIs because
we’re talking about them before they happen and therefore kept our patients safer. And that’s the whole goal. – The good thing about
having a standardized process for the nursing huddle is it really highlights
any unusual variables. When you hear the same
thing over and over again it’s very easy to pick up on a variation that really shouldn’t be there. So for me that’s one of
the most important pieces of being at the safety
huddle every morning. – This huddle is a very simple thing. It’s a time where everybody
can get together in the morning for a quick 15 minute update, and really increases communication across all of the departments. We have laser focus on what
matters most to us at Memorial and that is our patients. – All right, thanks,
let’s go make a great day. – [Staff] Thank you.

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