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Not just going over
their room care but it’s going over-
>>[CROSSTALK] I feel that if the community is enlightened or
educated they’re empowered. I’ve been with the patient and family advisory council since its
inception at the end of 2013. I feel that I’ve contributed by
hopefully taking my experiences as a patient and the experience of
my family members as patients and making the new patient experience
as good as my own, if not better.>>Being part of the patient
family advisory council, we get to hear what patients have to
say and their experiences every day.>>This is a forum for you to share. Not only a positive experience
that you’ve had but maybe a not so positive experience. Because every person’s
experience makes a difference.>>We’ve heard many stories about
how there may have been good medical treatment. But just the fact that the patient
didn’t feel like they were heard.>>When my mom was admitted,
it wasn’t a positive experience. Dr. Zacharias approached me to
ask me about joining the council. I was taken back,
but once I arrived, I understood the reason
why he may have asked me. Because the doctors, the nurses, they really want to know what family
members think and how they can help.>>Yeah,
I’ve contributed quite a bit. Let them know what
the patients need. Little things that you don’t think
of, that the staff wouldn’t think of, unless you’re
actually a patient here.>>I feel that patients and
families want to be not only heard, they wanna be included in the care
that they are receiving, and they want to know that
they are a priority.>>We are giving
a voice to people who, wouldn’t have a voice otherwise. The fact that people who come to, or
staffers who are senior people, come with AIDS and if they are taking
notes and that they are listening, they are really responding,
they really seek our counsel. They’re looking for
how do we make this better? How can we do this in a way,
what really is responsive?>>What I like about
the council is that the staff, the doctors even
the president listens.>>I do this because I feel like
I’m making an impact differently than just my everyday
clinical practice. It’s also, I like this committee
because there are patients and there are family members.>>My mission is to have the staff
understand what the patient and the family’s needs are,
besides just their medical care.>>Patients want to be heard.>>Focused attention.>>Compassion.>>Transparency.>>Communication. [MUSIC]

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