Pathology Residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center

>>I think that if you
train at the University of Rochester you get the
basic foundation education, what you need to do to be
a pathologist independent of what direction you go in.>>I came from Pakistan all the
way to the U.S. because I wanted to do residency training
at the best possible place and I wanted to be
happy doing it.>>That’d be my biggest piece
of advice is to go to a program where you like the
people you work with and where you feel comfortable,
a place where you feel at home because at the day you’re
going to spend a lot of time at the institution where
you go to residency.>>They care about
you as a person. They think about you as a person
along with all of your skills, your entire package and
that’s a level of attention which like I really
appreciate that we get here.>>The faculty mentoring
program is a great example of how our faculty are invested in the training of
our residents. The goal of the program
is to cultivate and enhance the relationship
between the faculty and residents so that at the end
of the program the resident has at least one person
in the faculty that they can call a friend.>>After doing my
residency here I continued on and did a GI fellowship. Being able to work here again, it’s just a great institution
academically speaking, research opportunities,
the breadth of cases that we get every day.>>One of the things that
makes our program unique is that we do have a
very good balance between anatomic pathology
and clinical pathology.>>Everything happens
under this roof, so our trainees see
it all right here and the patients are
profoundly loyal.>>The fact that we have a
very large surgical volume with a dedicated
staff of about 10 PA’s who work alongside the
residents and help them.>>In fact we offer a
year out research year for those residents who need
more bench type research in order to get a good
academic position.>>We are a large
academic department and we have multiple fellowships
to give people the option to go in any direction
that they might want. And we encourage
our residents to go with any direction
they might want.>>Many of our residents stay
here with us and many of them go on to very good fellowships
at some of the leading institutions
in the country.>>Rochester is a great city. I like to describe it as
a smaller city but a city that has everything a
larger city has to offer without the hassle
of incredible traffic or really high living expenses.>>I think it’s an ideal
place to raise a family. There’s lots and lots
of things to do not only in the summer also
in the winter.>>We hang out outside
of the work environment at various happy hour events
so it’s nice that in addition to being coworkers, we
are friends as well.>>So I would recommend the
program because of the culture. It’s a really great
place to work. The environment that we work in
every day is not only engaging and inspiring and academically
stimulating but the people that we work with
are wonderful people. [ Music ]

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