Patch Adams: “Not a Fancy Hospital, but it was Fun!”

So, I said that when I graduated nobody gave me a hospital. You know, how inconsiderate. I was ready to serve humanity. Give me a hospital! Ah, they’re very expensive. Okay? So I think what most people do is go: “Well, I’ll do what I can.” I couldn’t I could not do it their way. So…
It was the 60s, I had already visited communes, and I knew I was a communal person, and no one gave me a commune, so… Twenty adults moved into a large six bedroom house and said we were a hospital. Yay! No one closed us down and we were are open 24/7. So… It wasn’t really fancy like some of the hospitals you saw, but the care was sweet, and it was really fun, which of course wasn’t taught in medical school, but… If you’re not making money, and you’re working your butts off — fun is a lot more seductive than money.

1 thought on “Patch Adams: “Not a Fancy Hospital, but it was Fun!”

  1. Dear Patch Adams,
    I'm so happy to have found your YouTube channel!
    Thank you for keeping the love flame alive in our hearts!

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