Patch Adams (8/10) Movie CLIP – You Treat a Person (1998) HD

That’s a very
grave charge, son. Are you aware that it’s unlawful
to practice medicine without
a medical license ? Yes, sir, l am. Are you aware that running a medical
clinic without the proper licensing… can place both you
and the public… in a great deal of danger ? ls a home a clinic, sir ? lf you are admitting patients
and treating them… physical location
is irrelevant. Sir, will you define
treatment for me ? Yes. Treatment would be defined
as the care of a patient
seeking medical attention. Have you been treating patients,
Mr. Adams ? l live with several people.
They come and go as they please. l offer them
whatever help l can. Mr. Adams… have you or have you not
been treating patients at your ranch ? Everyone who comes to the ranch
is a patient, yes. [ Murmuring ] And every person who comes
to the ranch is also a doctor. l’m sorry ? Every person who comes
to the ranch is in need… of some form of physical
or mental help. They’re patients. But also every person who comes
to the ranch is in charge of
taking care of someone else– whether it’s cooking for them,
cleaning them… or even as simple a task
as listening. That makes them doctors. l use that term broadly, but is not a
doctor someone who helps someone else ? When did the term ”doctor” get
treated with such reverence, as,
”Right this way, Doctor Smith”… or, ”Excuse me, Dr. Scholl
what wonderful footpads”… or, ”Pardon me, Dr. Patterson,
but your flatulence has no odor” ? [ Laughing, Murmuring ] At what point in history
did a doctor become more… than a trusted and learned friend
who visited and treated the ill ? Now, you ask me if
l’ve been practicing medicine. Well, if this means opening
your door to those in need– those in pain– caring for them, listening
to them, applying a cold cloth
until a fever breaks– if this is practicing medicine,
if this is treating a patient… then l am guilty
as charged, sir. Did you consider the ramifications
of your actions ? What if one of your patients
had died ? What’s wrong
with death, sir ? What are we so mortally
afraid of ? Why can’t we treat death with
a certain amount of humanity
and dignity and decency… and, God forbid,
maybe even humor ? Death is not the enemy,
gentlemen. lf we’re gonna fight a disease,
Iet’s fight one of the most
terrible diseases of all– indifference. Now, l’ve sat in your schools and heard
people lecture on transference… and professional distance. Transference
is inevitable, sir. Every human being
has an impact on another. Why don’t we want that in
a patientldoctor relationship ? That’s why l’ve listened to your
teachings, and l believe they’re wrong. A doctor’s mission should be
not just to prevent death… but also to improve
the quality of life. That’s why you treat a disease,
you win, you lose. You treat a person, l guarantee you,
you win, no matter what the outcome.

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  1. I've always thought Robin Williams was better at this type of acting than comedy…and he was an AMAZING comedian!!

  2. Really nice lesson there, could someone please include this movie in curriculum for medical students in Pakistan, who as soon as they qualify start pilling gold on the misery of poor.

  3. It's fitting Robin Williams played a doctor many times because it came natural for him. In reality, doctors have a lot of empathy. Truly, the greatest comedian who ever lived. He was a very humble and kind person who I miss a lot. Our world is a little darker and more cynical without him. He seemed like he was never too busy to say hello or sign an autograph for a fan. I will always love and adore him.

  4. I agree with practicing medicine without a license.
    Ever since I watched blackjack the anime, it gave me a clear picture of how reality is.
    You think every person has the luxury to have a medical license? And you think most of those licensed doctors treat patients with true compassion and out of their want to save lives, or simply just in for the money?
    Society has made it that , even studying medicine to be extremely difficult financially for most humans. And not everyone has the privilege to study them anymore.

    This is a priceless knowledge and skill for saving lives, and society has made it difficult for humans accessing this knowledge. What do you say to those who really want to save lives? Don't they deserve a chance to learn?

    If not, I would rather be a quack doctor , an unlicensed one and treat patients in secrecy. Yes, I break the law, so what? Life is not lived by the law, it's lived with love and compassion, and if they want to put me into prison, go ahead, I stand by what I said and did, guilty , maybe in the eyes of law and order, but I stand under the heavens simply as a man wanting to help and save others.

  5. too bad the movie was a sham, the hospital was never built and no money ever went to the real patch adams. robin Williams never even donated a penny what a fraud.

  6. had to give a thumbs down simply because you ended the clip before his speech was even over. cutting off the scene like that is a discredit to his performance.

  7. Genetic fallacy, straw-man argument, post hoc ergo, ad absurdum, red herring and several other logical fallacies.
    Nothing inspiring, you lost the case.

  8. Bob Gunton is such an underrated actor all he needs to do is say a few words or even look at the camera and immediately you know that he is a total prick

  9. Robin Williams was 47 when this movie came out and the man is calling him "son." To have the Shawshank warden prosecute Robin Williams is just wrong.

  10. Haha!! This reminds me of that guy/teenager? from Florida that was pretending to be a doctor, recently on the news. He had a medical building, and a lot of patients he was carrying for.. I don't know what happened to him though? I believe a woman complained cause she was receiving examinations, possibly inappropriately? Idk

  11. Robin Williams was one of the most kindest and caring people I know. Not in person of course, but, through the years. Watching him on the big screen, and TV, etc. Wherever I saw him, I felt his compassion, his honesty, and his loyality to his family, friends, fans. He was one great man.

  12. All the characters robin played you were so iconic and in a sense relate to them on a personal note.Laughter truly is the best medicine

  13. The world lost a great comedian and person when he passed away. Thanks for making us laugh when you were in so much pain. Thank you from ALL of us

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

  14. He is often referred to as a comic genius. Robin Williams was and always will be all kinds of genius. Gone way too soon. He had the ability to break you up in stitches of laughter one moment and then literally reach in and tear your heart apart the next. This is but only one of many profound and special moments in his films. He was an extraordinary actor/comedian but he was and even more extraordinary human being. God bless you sir R.I.P.

  15. It really was a good movie and like most of his movies, it's kind of the "unconventional man in society" theme. I thought Bicentennial Man was better.

  16. Attention Australia, ADF, DVA, RSL, VVCS, VHA, ESO's, GP's and other acronym that makes millions out of the term Veteran. Listen to this and listen well. Federal, State and Local Governments all have it wrong. Stop the wastage monies on pokies and cheap beer, and look after Veterans, Modern and old aged.

  17. Patch Adams should have pulled a speech like Colonel Slade/Al Pacino "I'll take a flamethrower to this place!"

  18. I have to totally agree with this. I stuck w/ the same doctor who saw me through a stillbirth cuz he knew me. His compassion meant I knew I would be cared for w/ everything he had to prevent another death. my daughter is now 5 years old and is wonderful.

  19. If he's helping people I don't see why you would need to strip a man's right to help people. Even if he's practicing without a license using commercialized medicine.

  20. Robin williams brought happiness through his movies in many persons life but he ended his life miserably. Great actor… RIP for those happy memories

  21. Josh Weinstain has another Legend in own Cop Mind breakdown. That's 46 today, isn't it Josh?

    He who bears…. That ain't Paddington or zGold e-Lox. They're not even Locks and Diana sisters, Wenches of ,"Time, Be tlemen, Squeeze!"

  22. As a former smoker and chewing tobacco user, I became concerned over a sore in my mouth which would not heal (just a bacterial infection, it turned out) and decided it was time to pay a visit to my doctor. After being told it would clear up with antibiotics, I blurted how relieved I was to which he replied, with a bemused expression, "Why? Were you afraid you were going to die?". "Well, yeah, kinda." I answered. He moved his chair in closer, leaned in and rested his hand on my knee and said "Derrick, I've been your doctor for close to 15 years now. I've treated your family and gotten to know you so I say this as a friend; I want to put your fears at ease." He leaned in closer and with a very caring and serious expression, looked me in the eyes and said "You. Are. Going. To. Die… Someday." He then leaned back and said "There! Now there's no need to worry yourself over it anymore! It's inevitable and you can accept it, right? Good. Here's your prescription and have a nice afternoon, I really have to get to my next patient."

  23. Why's is it in all of his movies robin Williams always had such awesome way with words and his speeches

  24. Nikki Trunk, Esq. : I was accused of practicing law without a license by a New Jersey prosecutor .

  25. Whats wrong with death sir, what are we so mortally afraid of ? why cant we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity and decency and god forbid maybe even humour.death is not the enemy gentlemen. If we are going to fight a disease, lets fight one of the most terrible diseases of all – indifference.

  26. Robin Williams was a jewel we never deserved but are grateful that we had. Thank you for for making this world a little brighter than when you found it

  27. Well… I called a LOWES counselor because i was being abused at work. They refused to talk to me about work. If I didnt have youtube i might have killed myself

  28. I'm going thru emotional, meaningful scenes spree right now. I watched scenes from Brothers and Boy Erased so far and now I'm watching this. Off to another suggestion click after this one. ❤

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